Dev: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Has "Healthy" PS4 Exclusivity Period

Adrian Chmielarz reveals that the game has a temporary exclusive agreement for PS4, and there's no telling if the game will ever make it to Xbox One.

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AHV1558d ago

It's always good to take the time to optimize for each platform, I think.

Mega241558d ago

I still think third parties/indies, should be released at the same time, I really hate third parties to be exclusives, it seems this is the new thing of this generation

TheUltimateGamer1558d ago

I'm right there with you. Stalls the process. Why can't we all just get along!?

LordMaim1558d ago

Not every indie developer has the time, manpower or resources to program for multiple platforms simultaneously, and it is usually that early release that funds development for other platforms.

It doesn't help that Microsoft still has their parity clause in place, forcing indie developers who want to eventually release on both systems to sign a timed "exclusive" agreement with PS3/PS4.

Ironically, the loophole in the [email protected] contract that allows staggered releases only if the developer has an exclusive agreement with a competitor, has only driven more indie developers to release on the Playstation first rather than hold back until both versions are complete. It has colossally backfired, and needs to be scrapped.

JP13691558d ago

You must be new to gaming. Third party exclusives used to be common up until the last generation. The fact that they're seeing a return seems as if it's mostly due to the indie scene needing to secure funds for development.

ABizzel11558d ago


3rd parties yes. Indies; however, don't always have the team, money, or time to do that. They have to make their money on the first platform then use the money they earned to port the games elsewhere.

starchild1558d ago

Wait, why are they referring to this as a PS4 exclusive? It comes out on PC this month and there is no release date for the PS4 version. All last generation people said that if a game is on PC and a certain console then it isn't an exclusive.

DLConspiracy1558d ago

Not all can afford to do that though. It would be nice though.

BitbyDeath1557d ago

@starchild, I agree with you but everyone has a different view on it.

geddesmond1557d ago

New thing of this generation? Yeah for Sony considering The Xbox 360 got loads of third party exclusives last gen. Some of which finally came to the PS3, others that never came and a few that were promised but never arrived.

Also yes third party exclusives suck on any platform but as much as I'd love to see that stop I don't think we ever will see that.

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kaiserfranz1558d ago

This really looks nice, I hope Xbox One gamers will be able to experience it too at some point.

GodGinrai1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I guess five PS4 fanboys dont want Xbox owners to have this game. Good thing its not up to them! lol

jonboi241558d ago

Yeah unfortunately MS parity clause will be an obstacle. A stupid thing that I hope MS gets rid of. It doesn't really help small devs.

LavaLampGoo1558d ago

I'm getting very tired of exclusives... I don't even have a Xbox One but I dunno, its nice to hear about a game and get excited about it without worrying it will get cut out from under you.

Alexious1558d ago

Well, exclusives have always been the bread and butter of consoles. I doubt they're going away any time soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.