DayZ still has two years of development ahead

DayZ producer Brian Hicks stresses that frustrated fans are still playing “early development builds.”

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Tolkoto1437d ago

Early access is weird.

3-4-51437d ago


By the time this game "releases", it will be old and people will have moved on.

and it will be 90% of what it is right now.

nucky641437d ago

agreed - nobody will care - by the time this releases, someone else will have made a better game than dayz. I guess the devs think the world will be held in stasis until they're finished.

BillmadeAGate1437d ago

Which means they'll release a beta version for PS4 by the end of next year. Considering the PC beta launches this fall.

kingduqc1437d ago

It actually means ps4 release is 2+ years away.

n4rc1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )


qwerty6761437d ago

well theres still state of decay coming up, isnt that game like dayz?

equal_youth1437d ago

I would not say they are exactly alike. lets say state of decay is like the baby brother of day Z. Day Z punishes you for being not careful enough. Its brutally realistic in most every way at least its trying to be. State of Decay simulates the survival aspects in a really simple and easy way.

wannabe gamer1437d ago

i think the MAIN difference is that state of decay is a single player game. without the multiplayer side of dayz it would be nothing

hleV1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

"I'm always careful with what I say - 3 year standard development cycle, meaning in standard terms this would be a 3 year, closed development cycle.
Early Access changes a lot of that, I don't need to tell you." - Hicks.

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The story is too old to be commented.