FIFA 15 PC vs Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison

Watch a new video showing a graphics comparison between the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 versions of FIFA 15.

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Foehammer1528d ago

Impressive to see a 9 year old console looking so good, but clearly the PC and X1 have the advantage.

bouzebbal1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

most important is the gameplay and content, and FIFA14 new gen are lacking comparing to the old ones in terms of game modes. Let's see how 15 hold up! No need for comparison of two gen version of the same game to state the obvious.

crazysapertonight1527d ago

On PCgraphics if better because of more complex AA

darren_poolies1527d ago

PC looks the best but they all look pretty decent.

mysteryraz111527d ago

pc and x1 look pratically identical the 360 looks worse but holds up good

Gamer19821527d ago

The issue with these videos is these sites downgrade the quality to 30fps and 720p so the older tech actually looks closer in comparison and it also gives an unfair look if you want a true comparison. Youtube is the worse for this. Look at the xbox one version for example its full of jaggies on this video..