Metal Gear Solid V Will Have 4 Different & Fancy Named Stage Events at TGS; P.T.’s Schedule Revealed

Konami and Kojima Productions just announced the detailed schedule for the stage events for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and P.T. at Tokyo Game Show.

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RumbleFish1555d ago

I wish I could be there. Japan is so fantastic and TGS would be like video game wonderland. 4 different stage events for one game! Awesome!

Monstar1555d ago

Splinter Cell Blacklist plays so much better than this Metal Gear Solid...the takedowns, stealth and flow is just more satisfying in splinter cell. IMO.

vSnAkE1555d ago

Yeah no challenge huh? Mgs is a better game overall.

Monstar1555d ago

MGS has always had better characters/story yes!

I actually prefer the animations within gameplay of MGS ground zeroes...just the takedowns/cqc is lame/cheap and unrealistic...doesn't satisfy compared to Splinter cell blacklist.

vSnAkE1555d ago

Yes MGS moves look simplistic but have greater gameplay value. Looks can only go so far and MGS has always been more Tactical than SC meaning certain moves provides different results.

Gatsu1555d ago

Why are you here commenting about SC? MGS is the best game series ever for me, but it's all about opinions I guess. MGSV:TPP will be the best game of the century :D ! I can't wait for TGS omg O___O... so many special guests too.

I hope we finally get release date, if "Coming 1984" number theory is true lol.

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Biohazard88601555d ago

For hope they show atleast something new for Silent hills.. but seems they won't cause its says PT event -.-

Gatsu1555d ago

I think I read yesterday info, that they will also show new stuff about Silent Hills :). Maybe a trailer or something.

PaleMoonDeath1555d ago

Give it to me Godammit.

(What day does TGS offically start, is it the 22nd or the 17th?)