10 Most Talkative Video Game Bosses Ever

EasyGuidez: Usually we defeat bosses in video game to complete objective but did you notice they also too much talkative. Here are the 10 most talkative video game bosses ever.

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Physco1436d ago

Electrocutioner what a great character it was....
Awesome list of bosses

King_of_Nothing1436d ago

How are these articles getting approved? The grammar is horrifying.

RedDeadLB1436d ago

Every boss in every Japanese game ever.

NovusTerminus1436d ago

Assassin'a Creed bosses talk far more, and with fatal injuries!

RedDeadLB1436d ago

I forgot about AC! Man, those were long talks.

I was playing Metal Gear Rising last week and all I could think about is how much bullshit every character spewed. Bullshit not suitable for a B-rate movie. Then I remembered the earlier DMC games, RE games which fall in the same category.

I guess that's just how Japan works.

bangoskank1436d ago

Article about "talkative" bosses. Most of them don't even talk.