Microsoft shows how serious they take customer feedback

MWEB GameZone writes: Microsoft have been making some resounding updates to their console and general policies. Today we take a look at two indications that show how serious Microsoft are taking customer feedback.

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plut0nash1555d ago

Great stuff to hear - just wish their PR dept would match up to the expectation the update team is setting :)

amiga-man1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

It's a shame MS weren't listening to all the feedback they were getting about DRM etc, they chose to ignore gamers and it came back to bite them.

the outcry from Adam Ord should have been enough.

Edit: mhunterjr + 0m ago
Well, they did listen to the feedback, that's why the DRM is gone.

You do know gamers were telling them they didn't want it LOUD AND CLEAR before they launched the thing? but they weren't listening until weak pre orders gave them no choice. too little too late I'm afraid.

mhunterjr1555d ago

Well, they did listen to the feedback, that's why the DRM is gone...

Why o why1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


This is old but No, ms didn't listen to the feedback, they listened to the lack of pre orders. There was noise and discontent long before the reveals. I can't believe some people are still trying to rewrite history like we were born after the fact. Ms had ample time to address peoples concerns and change aspects but they chose not to.

Personally I don't get too fussed whether the changes were forced or forthcoming if the end results end up being benificial for customers. My issue is I just don't think somebody or something should get credit for something they clearly didn't do.

Since then, ms have been a much more palatable. Thus they have learnt.

SniperControl1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


I have already said this and will probably say it again sometime soon. MS's cash register not going "Kerching, Kerching" is what made them listen.
They had the arrogance to ignore what the gamers really wanted by trying to impose draconian DRM and trying to manipulate the trade in market to there own greedy needs.

Foehammer1555d ago

@ snipercontrol

I have already said this and will probably say it again sometime soon. The arrogance and draconian DRM measure you speak of was developed and patented by Sony in September 2013

Spotie1555d ago

Is that why, duplicate account known as Foehammer, Sony came out in February of last year- days after the PS4 reveal- and said the type of draconian DRM we mean when talking about Microsoft would not be on the console? I know you guys really want Sony to have done- or almost have done- the same as Microsoft, but it's just too simple to Google this stuff and find out that you're wrong.

Come on, man. You're making this too easy.

No, they DIDN'T listen to feedback. That would have meant changing things long before they did. We knew about the DRM in the XB1 at its reveal, yet it was after E3- many months later- that they got rid of it. And right up until then- literally the day before- they defended the policy.

What part of that sounds like they were listening?

gameon19851555d ago

No, what is a shame is people are still using that crap as a excuse to trash or not buy a xbox one when it was all under a Exec who isn't even with the company anymore.

SoapShoes1555d ago

@gameon - Phil Spencer is still there and he was very pro DRM. It wasn't one man it was ALL the people in charge, they just used Mattrick as a scapegoat to try to change their image.

gangsta_red1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

"ms didn't listen to the feedback, they listened to the lack of pre orders."

"There was noise and discontent long before the reveals."

Wrong, there's was only rumors and whisperings that MS would include DRM in their new system. The pre-orders were strong long before the reveal. But as soon as MS not only confirmed DRM but also a higher price tag, pre-orders dropped.

No one is re-writing history just some remember it a little better and unbiased than most here.
Pre-orders is a direct voice of discontent from their user base so yes you can say MS listened.

Just like everyone here keeps screaming, let these companies know how we feel by our wallets.

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Dontworrybhappy1555d ago

The new update is awesome. Def a update for those without the Kinect. Should roll out to everyone in a week or 2 after the preview.

bandit9051555d ago

i might be the only one that agrees but i think the drm is actually a good idea....not for ms but for the people that create the video games, how is it fair that gamestop can sell you a game for 69 bucks, buy it back off you for 25 bucks, then sell it again for 64 bucks in the used dept?? the dev isnt making any money off the second transaction and when was the last time gamestop made a game??

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lord zaid1555d ago

People gave MS a lot of flack for the Xbox One launch, but if there is one thing they can do right is see to customer feedback

Septic1555d ago

Yeah they really are good with that.

I left my X1 at a mate's house one time and he decided to buy Sniper Elite (or one of those games) on it. I didn't know at the time that it was him and I got an email that I purchased it. MS refunded it with no quibbles. The customer service was brilliant. They sorted the issue out within a manner of minutes.

Only later did I find out it was my mate.

IrishSt0ner1555d ago

Decent that they refunded you quickly. The feedback and update schedule is really great at the moment, consistantly recieving new features.

Related to your experience, I console share with a friend for free games (home console sharing) adn password prtect the account, we buy a game turn about so we have double the titles for the same price.

I also set my console to the US store when buying titles so instead of paying £59.99 it works out around £32.

I basically get 2 AAA games digitally for £32, I'm not sure if doing these things ae strictly legit but I'm saving tonnes of cash this generation.

Septic1555d ago


I did not know that! That's wicked. I'm gonna do the same the (once any of my friends actually buy a X1 that is).

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Fishy Fingers1555d ago

Just a shame they didn't take a similar stance pre launch. But you can't fault them when it comes to updates, in that sense, they're leaps and bounds above the competition.

plut0nash1555d ago we just need them to be more open to developers like Sony is. Then we'll really see them grow. That's where they lose out.

Zichu1555d ago

I'm liking the idea of recording with just the push of some buttons.

MKV support is also a good thing, especially for anime fans.

The friends menu is actually a lot better, I like to see what people on my friends list are up to throughout the month.

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