Xbox One Suffers Worst First Week Sales in Recent History for a Home Console in Japan

Dual Shockers: We just learned that Xbox One sold 23,562 units during its first week on the shelves in Japan according to the reliable data announced by Famitsu and its publisher Enterbrain. But how does that compare with its predecessors, and with other home consoles? Pretty badly.

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jujubee881074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

IMO the business Japan should be in is making stuff for dedicated handhelds and PS4. No more, no less. Keep things slim and efficient this way, Japan.

You listen to me and things will be okay for you. Promise! :)

irepbtown1074d ago

The positive that can be taken out of this is that it surely cannot get any worse... Can it?

bouzebbal1074d ago

i really expected it to perform worse with that ridiculous lineup of games.

Why o why1074d ago


Please tell me that was an attempt at satire

bouzebbal1074d ago

please shut up!
x1 offers nothing more than what wii u or PS4 and even 360 and PS3 do, especially in Japan.
You want to sell consoles in Japan, make your games match japanese needs. It's western games or.....western games! Of course it will flop!
dont go too far with your prejudice and broken analyses!
Xbox one is an outstanding machine, good for you but most people dont think so!

Spotie1074d ago

As an American, you should keep your mouth shut. Your perpetuating the notion that we're all ignorant, self centered asses.

This is a clear case of a product doing very poorly in a region where its brand never did well in the first place. It should be no surprise, given how the damn thing is selling pretty much everywhere else in the world. And THAT should be no surprise, given that its predecessor performed in the very same way.

I know a few days ago I said I don't let the actions of an ignorant minority make me ashamed to be part of a given group, but I'm finding it really hard to stick to that right now.

Sheikh Yerbouti1074d ago

If they shun Western electronics, why was the original XBox four times the totals of XBox One for the same period. XBox 360 was twice the number. Not saying it has nothing to do with it, but a lot more is going on.

pompous1074d ago Show
tommygunzII1074d ago

Japanese people are smarter than we are generally. Xbox is junk and you don't have to be a genius to figure that out.
Honestly what the hell would they play? CoD? Halo? Microsoft understands Japanese gamers as much as their fans do.

MeliMel1074d ago

@ headblack,

If your American, your making us look bad with your BS. MS know full and well that Xbox is not a desired product in Japan. Did the other xbox system not show this already? I dont even see this as a big deal honestly. Its time MS pull out and give up, just throw up the white flag already.

Evilsnuggle1074d ago


WOW just Wow this is the stupid comments I have ever read on N4G. Either you don't understand or do you just lack education.No Microsoft has no games that interest most Japanese gamers. That is why the Japanese are not buying x1. Not because The Japanese are anti-american or anti American products. In fact the Japanese love American fashion and clothing. The Japanese buy American tee shirt and jeans for 10x more than the cost in the USA.

Are F#@$ serious American should buy Microsoft really. Microsoft is disgusting greedy corporation that only cares about profits.

user55757081074d ago

They fail to cater to the japanese consumer. sorry but if you dont bring a new experience in japan youre not going to move consoles. theyre not like america where people blindly buy things because it looks cool.

badz1491074d ago

at least they have already booked a spot in the history books, right?

MWMonroe23951074d ago

@headblackman you are one pathetic loser... - dumb and dumber

XisThatKid1074d ago

No disrespect to X1 but this is of no surprise to me. Given the publicity and the already bad rep Xbox has in Jap and the ridiculous hype of PS4 and and the buzz of the Wii u.

DawginTow11074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

I guess thats y the iPhone is bombing in Japan... oh wait! & is that a McD's I c down the block? I'd like Coke w/ my Big Mac please :)

Make sumthin sum1wants, they'll buy it, keep it simple

Fusion_Ninja1074d ago

@ headblackman:

What an absolutely retarded comment. The reason the Japanese PUBLIC (not a shadowy cabal of nationalistic government conspirators) aren't buying the Xbox One is because it's an overpriced, underpowered P.O.S. The PlayStation 4 IS a superior console, PERIOD.

Micro$oft is one of the greediest, shadiest companies on Earth. They've already got most of the world (including Japan) suckling off the teet that is the Windows OS.

BTW, nice joke about the Xbone being, "an outstanding system and provides more than what the average gamer could ask for (and the future of it's feature growth looks even brighter)." That was good for a laugh. Maybe the world at large would take a higher view of Americans if it weren't for folks like you spouting this ridiculous horsesh*%t.

darthv721074d ago

these things happen. It honestly sold better than I expected but yeah...pretty sad.

nosferatuzodd1074d ago


you just push America back 600years into the dark ages with that ridiculous rant you just did. If i were you i would go to the basement of my house and put a paperbag over my head for the rest of the year.. IPhone is the biggest selling phones in japan guest what? its an American company, if you build good things people will buy it but if you build crap no one want how do you expect to sell that's Microsoft problem, they think dashing money at stuff makes it good i can tell you're a Xbox fanboy no logic you guys never think before you talk y'all so passionate over a company logo lol

pixelsword1074d ago

@ headblackman:

If it's any comfort, The Xbox One and the PS4 both are made in China, so the lack of pride goes to China. The only pleasure that Americans can derive from Microsoft is possibly the vicariousness of watching Microsoft Executives cash their paychecks.

hduce1074d ago

@jujubee Instead of the PS4 don't you mean the Wii U? I mean the Wii U is the best selling current Gen console in Japan.

duli141074d ago


Did you know the best selling Brand of smartphones in Japan is Apple, which is an ''American'' brand! your comment makes no sense!

DarXyde1074d ago


While your complaints are amusing, they are misguided. There may very well be a nationalistic bias, but it isn't as strong as you think. Apple products are quite popular in the land of the rising Sun. Even Microsoft's MSX was heavily favored over there and caught on over there faster than it did here in the west. There are any number of reasons why the Xbox One had disappointing launch sales. Bias perhaps as a part of it, but let's see: PlayStation 4 could be doing better. Waiting for an inevitable hardware revision, maybe? Could be. I'll tell you now, the Xbox One is far too big. Historically, Japanese gamers hate large consoles. They also like titles we in the west consider niche. There is none of that on either console right now, really. Then you've got the worldwide perception of the Xbox One as being weaker and games look and run better on the rival console. Of course, much of this speculation dies down when you stop to realize that console gaming isn't what it used to be for Japanese gamers, meaning nobody wins and some lose harder. That would be Microsoft. And for the sake of information,

News flash: NOWHERE in the world do gamers collectively want an Xbox One more than a PlayStation 4. If Sony could be doing better, you best believe Microsoft can too.

I hope you were able to better understand the situation. Good luck, and carry this enlightenment with you always.

UltimateMaster1073d ago

The first week always has the highest number.
It's all downhill from here.

Only Nintendo Wii U and the PS4/PS3 are relevant in Japan.
Why Japanese Game Studios make games for the Xbox and not the Wii U is just incomprehensible.

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Septic1074d ago

Yeah I'm struggling to think why anyone in Japan would even want one.

Dire times for Xbox Japan.

llxKonanxll1074d ago

Some had hopes... it's now gone.

pyramidshead1074d ago

Dire times for most of Xbox EU too. Who were all those people who said tier 2 countries would save the Xbone? Where are they now? Bahaha.

People will now shift their focus to China and that will be the next saviour.

u got owned1074d ago


realistically, I don think anyone was expecting Japan to be the savior of the XBO. BTW you guys know that PS4 is doing very poor also in Japan right. The console era in japan is long gone. Handhelds is where its at.

ABizzel11074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

@u got owned

No one can say how good or bad the PS4 will do, until it starts getting Japanese games. There are no real Japanese heavy hitters on the PS4. Nintendo is in the same position, and they're only doing decent because they have their first party to carry them a bit.

Japanese developers are lagging behind big time once again, which shouldn't be an issue considering these consoles are easy to developer for, but many of them are still focusing on PS3 / 3DS, since they have large install base in Japan of 10m (PS3) and 16m (3DS). Meanwhile Wii U and PS4 only have just under 2m (Wii U) and 700k (PS4).

Things won't take off until we start getting Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Yakuza, Anime/Manga games, and JRPGs.

That's what the Japanese audience wants, but I do agree that mobile and handheld gaming seem to be taking over Japan. If the PS4 and Wii U struggle to break 10m, like their predecessors, then Japan is all but a lost cause.

gootimes1074d ago

@u got owned

Actually PS4's launch was like the 3rd largest in history over there, at hundreds of thousands.

Sure things have cooled off a bit for it, but you can't compare first week sales of a console to a console that has been out for months...

UltraNova1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

What was expected, on the other, was Truefan's complete disappearance... has anyone seen him around lately ? Hmm maybe he made a new account?

OT: I expected sales to be worse than 20,000 in 4 days..The Japanese are not fooled easily why buy an inferior (hardware wise)machine for the same price as the other more capable machine all while not having any Japanese oriented games to choose from?

Those who claim Anti-American prejudice are fools simply because Apple products are flying off the selves there.

There's no excuse anymore MS must drop their price significantly and start offering Japanese games in droves if they stand a chance in hell of selling some units there. The other choice is to abandon the big island altogether (yeah I know MS will never admit defeat even if they look like fools).

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WalterWJR1074d ago ShowReplies(9)
lelo2play1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

"Xbox One Suffers Worst First Week Sales in Recent History for a Home Console in Japan"

Not good.