Xbox One Sells 23,562 Units in Japan in its First Week; Titanfall its Best Selling Game

Famitsu just released its figures for the sales of Xbox One in Japan during its first week on the shelves, and according to the magazine, and its publisher Enterbrain, the console sold 23,562 from September the 4th to September 7th.

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MightyNoX1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Well, Titanfall was bundled so not that surprising. Also, 23k only? Yikes, that's low. I had them at 35k....

Edit: For those interested in history, 360 sold 63k in its first week. Just in case we get the usual "Everything is fine and according to Phil-sama's plan."

Ballsack1555d ago

Damn that is seriously Seriously low numbers for a new launch..

Didn't ps4 sell 370,000 in its first week?

Either way ms are in trouble ...they have an ace though an thats launching in China before ps4

GribbleGrunger1555d ago

1998.11.27 [Sega Dreamcast] (¥29.800) - 101.490 (3 days)
2000.03.04 [Sony PlayStation 2] (¥39.800) - 630.552 (2 days)
2001.09.14 [Nintendo GameCube] (¥25.000) - 133.719 (3 days)
2002.02.22 [Microsoft XBox] (¥34.800) - 123.929 (3 days)
2005.12.10 [Microsoft XBox 360] (¥29.000 / ¥39.795) - 62.135 (2 days)
2006.11.11 [Sony PlayStation 3] (¥49.980 / ¥59.980) - 88.443 (2 days)
2006.12.02 [Nintendo Wii] (¥25.000) - 371.936 (2 days)
2012.12.08 [Nintendo Wii U] (¥26.250 / ¥31.500) - 308.570 (2 days)
2014.02.22 [Sony PlayStation 4] (¥41.979 / ¥46.179)- 322.083 (2 days)
2014.09.04 [Microsoft XBox One] (¥43.178 / ¥53.978) - 23,562 (4 days)

YodaCracker1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Interesting that the Xbox 360 sold half as much as the original Xbox at launch in Japan, but went on to sell 4 times more than its predecessor worldwide. Just goes to show how irrelevant Japan is to the Xbox's success.

bicfitness1555d ago

Is China the final scribble on the chalkboard before even the Mountain Dew soaked, Master Chief t-shirted fan girls throw in the towel? 'Cause I'm getting tired of the cheerleading, and wishful thinking. X1 isn't bouncing back, anywhere. At best it's fighting for second place with the Wii U and seems to be utterly lifeless in every market outside the US. Even UK sales dropped off a cliff.

vishmarx1555d ago

xb1 has the worst japanese console launch by far.they shouldnt bother with wasting their resources there anymore

surprisingly ps4 managed to sell 4 x ps3,which fell of a cliff compared to ps2.
and thats without a single system seller, japanese or otherwise,
imagine when dq11 releases as a ps4 xclusive

GribbleGrunger1555d ago

Someone at Gaf made me chuckle, so I thought I'd share it:

"It's not bad, basically the same launch numbers as the original Xbox:

Xbox 123k
Xbox one23k"

Kayant1555d ago

Welp that's pretty sad. That's quite a decent in the Xbox brand over the years.

They will be lucky to do X360 numbers at the end of the generation. Next week numbers should tell how they will do. For reference atm X360 did 86 units last week vs PS3 7,895 units. Should be interesting to see how much of it drop off it gets and if it can sustain decent numbers each week. PS4 has dropped to 6,000 units average for a while for reference.

It's funny that PS4 had the third best launch home console even with the decline in the japanese market.

mikeslemonade1555d ago

Hey that's still more than I thought they would sell.

MRMagoo1231555d ago


I gave you a bubble up for interesting , nice list you have compiled I enjoyed that :)

mmcglasson1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


bouzebbal1555d ago

especially after they claimed that they are having high expectation and high plans... MS should really learn to STFU.

kayoss1555d ago

What did they expect. Even the hottest console on the market is struggling in Japan. What do you think will happen to the xbox one?

ABizzel11555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


That's awful. MS just needs to parachute 1 shipment of XBOs each month, in the middle of major Japanese cities, and call it a generation.

Focus your efforts else where like NA, UK, and China. You really need to be working with cable providers can getting a subsidized XBO in the US ASAP. That and China are the only potential gold mines for you, because PS has dominated in the smaller regions every generation.

You need to hit China first and hard, so she don't want not other D......excuse me....I mean so you can have the mind share over there. Then you have to get the XBO subsidized in the US so people buy the console as a no brainer if they apply for TV service, and don't get trapped into a contract with only a single provider if possible.

September is the first proving ground for MS's XBO hopeful comeback. They're launching in 29 countries, but I haven't heard anything about the sales of the other 19 regions they've already launched in. Winning September WorldWide isn't looking good for them, and it's even more bleak, because the launch inflation numbers should have gave them the win easily. They have 9 more regions to go, China being one of them. If it doesn't help then a price drop is coming EARLY next year. $329 - $349.

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Kingthrash3601555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I expected them to sell very bad.

But this....I'm surprised.
This console may make history for japan sales....and not in a good way.
All in all the x1 is a decent console....its the people behind it who let the machine down. Greed isnt prosperous. Mix it with a cocky, anti consumer attitude and you get why the x1 is where it is.
It was always gunna fail in japan. But the way ms has fumbled and failed the console its going to end up the worst selling console ever released in japan.

Thatguy-3101555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

But But wait until it releases on other countries you guys! /s
This is an example on how the Xbox brand isn't a worldwide brand like Sony is. Xbox caters only to the US and parts of Europe.

700p1555d ago

no its not...this is an example that the xbox brand isnt popular in japan. Try again.

cell9891555d ago

No it is am example that Xbox only appeals to the US and UK

Magicite1555d ago

this is most expensive console in Japan after PS3 in last 15 or more years.

strangeaeon1555d ago

Why do you take such an interest in the Xbox One? If I was to post crap like you do on PS4 articles I would be torn to shreds. I don't understand all the gloating, it's not as if you created the Playstation brand.

G20WLY1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

So what you're saying is: "leave Britney ALONE!"...

It's an article about the Xbox Japan launch and he quoted confirmed figures, not crap.

The sales were bad, sadly. Worse than most expected, given the effort MS put in on the 24 hour launch party.

Apart from the obvious issues, MS didn't help themselves pitching it more expensive than the PS4! Madness. :/

TheWatercooler1555d ago

And this right there is why third parties are pulling support for Xbone in Japan. Absolutely pathetic sales.

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Paprika1555d ago

To put it into perspective, ps4 sells over 2700 consoles a day if you average the 1million sold, and that's averaged across 12 Months... which we still have 3 months left of!

But hey, Japan was never going to have the Xbox one explode... but likewise, Xbox opened the UK last gen!

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1555d ago

Don't forget ps4 only launched this year in February so it's 5 months left for japan

llxKonanxll1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Some people had the guesses at 100k!!!! lol. That's around 5.9k/day in the 4 day period.... :/ Worst console launch in Japan's history...

1555d ago
GamersHeaven1555d ago

Game over pack it up Microsoft no wants a Xbone in Japan.

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