GamesAsylum - Warframe - Xbox One review

GamesAsylum: "Digital Extremes has worked on numerous sci-fi shooters in the past, varying from early Xbox 360/PS3 release Dark Sector to the slightly more recent Star Trek tie-in. They’ve contributed online multi-player components to some big-name games too, including Bioshock 2 and Homefront. The experience the studio has gained over the years is notable right from the Warframe’s outset – it’s a sturdy third-person shooter with a rich sci-fi lore. So rich, in fact, that the first hour or so isn’t so much about mastering the slightly wayward control system but getting your head around Digital Extremes’ lexicon of sci-fi terminology"

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urwifeminder1558d ago

Very generous score for the wedge head game I liked it when I stopped playing that's a positive.