Five Facts - Bayonetta

Jack and Geoff bring you five facts over Bayonetta.

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herbs1555d ago

Why would these guys think that Bayonette 2 will eventually come to other consoles... You would think they would do their research before stating that in a video...

wonderfulmonkeyman1555d ago

Wow, a disagree for merely stating a fact.
Methinks there's a Nintendo hater on the loose doing that on every Nintendo article lately...

But I digress; I agree with you.
Someone really should disillusion them; this game is 100% a Nintendo-tied game, and that's not going to change so long as Nintendo has footed all the money for its creation.

ChickeyCantor1554d ago

Well they couldn't say Jean right. So there ya go.

DeusEx-Machina1554d ago

I was so sad when I realized that I had missed out on preordering a first print edition and they were all sold out. :,(

Then my little brother told me yesterday he has already preordered two. One for him and one for me! :D

Spotie1554d ago

Why are they holding these facts over Bayonetta?