Has Microsoft Seen the Open Source Light?'

As PC World reported on Sunday, Microsoft is becoming a co-sponsor of the Open Source Census (OSC), a further commitment to the company's interoperability principles launched earlier this year. The OSC is trying to figure out how widespread the use of Open Source Software is within companies and to generally promote its use.

But having Microsoft sign on has some people both excited and leery. From a practical standpoint it makes sense for the maker of Windows to participate, since most open source programs and applications run on Windows, the most widely-used operating system in the world. However, the software giant has a bad name when it comes to dealing with the rest of the computing world. The company has long been accused of monopolizing the industry, it claimed last year that open source violates 200 of Microsoft's patents, and has said on several occasions that open source software is a bigger threat to the company than Google.

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