Toshiba controversially announces their new 1080p upscaling technology will rival Blu-ray

Early June a rumour emerged that Toshiba would be launching a new attack on Sony, via the magic of new 'upscaling' technology. Of course, this is nothing new, with Toshiba themselves working on similar products for "some considerable years, at least 3-5 years", with DVD players, TVs and now laptops containing the upscaling chips, plus with their 'Super-resolution' imagery where SD-content is upscaled via an interpolation algorithm to 1080p.

However, today at a London event, Toshiba formally announced upscaling would be their next plan of attack on Sony, claiming they would be focussing on "taking standard content, and displaying in HD format". This technology, upscaling standard definition content, such as a DVD, to a higher resolution, has long been controversial for not even comparing to the real high-def experience that comes via Blu-ray, or HD DVD.

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Doppy3829d ago

Haven't they learned yet.

pharmd3829d ago

***toshiba announces their new technology will get pwnd again by bluray***

TapiocaMilkTea3829d ago

Two words: controversially contradictory

Mr_Bun3829d ago

another one bites the dust!

player9113828d ago

The only losers in this battle are the consumers. Upconverting doesn't look good as it would if were naively in HD. The only way I would bite is if they provided a "middle" device that connects in between existing DVD players and the TV and upconverts on the fly.

If they can make it work with existing DVD players and TV's with an inexpensive "addon" then it might work.

I'm just glad my 360 can digitally download HD content. I don't have to worry what physical mediums will overcome in the next year.

solidt123828d ago

Sounds like Toshiba will fail once again.

Tomdc3828d ago

yh lol the PS3 upscales DVD's already (im guessing stand alone bluray players dont...) It dont rely make much of a difference anyway. U gotta laugh when the management people who get paid 6 figure salaries at these places come up with such things!

Fat Bastard3828d ago

This can't be that good, cause the bottom line is a DVD only has so much space and so much information on it and you can't just magically add all that extra information with an upscaler. You're still twisting the small amount of information and claiming the end product is excellent, when it isn't. Toshiba looses

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clintos593829d ago

Bluray isnt a success with games, because if that takes off say goodbye to your upscaler.

jessupj3829d ago

And you know it is gonna be a huge success with games.

Xwow20083829d ago

bubble for you,first time i see a one single comment that would counter a whole company plans.

they just don,t give up aren,t they? :\

JoelR3829d ago

Resolution Upscaling of data that has less information can only be a digital abstraction that can never ever meet the quality of a higher resolution image that stores more data.

Why oh why must Toshiba persist in their current insanity.

titntin3829d ago

You completely hit the nail on the head with that comment.

It really doesn't matter how good your 'guessing' of missing data is -its still only a guess, and will never have the fidelity of true HD.

deeznuts3829d ago

I use the analogy of a paper you write. it's supposed to be 19 pages but you got 12. So you intersperse words in the paper to stretch it to 19. You now got 19 pages but it isn't as good as one that is originally so.

Wildarmsjecht3829d ago

Its like the technological version of Jack the respect that neither gives up. Really, thats all I meant :P