We Shouldn't Be Listening To Reports Of Destiny's Length

As usual, there are gamers claiming a hugely anticipated game is shorter than believed. Of course, there's a big problem with such estimations.

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GeofferyPeterson1559d ago

Yes, $60 for short game. $500 for new phone. $400 for new watch. And they say zombies don't exist yet.

HanzoHattori1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

I agree with the article. Part of enjoying any game is exploring it, not seeing how fast you can complete it. Why buy the game if you're going to bypass missions, cutscenes, and other content just see how fast you can get to the end? I've never understood why someone would purposely bypass major elements of a game and them proclaim that it's short.
I can understand skipping repetitive "side missions," I do that myself. If someone tells you that a game's main campaign can be completed in a short period of time, I'd have to see for myself. If someone says that an entire game can be completed in a short period of time and they don't explain how they did it, i'd pretty much file that story under "crap I should not have read."

SeanScythe1558d ago

That's my only complaint about this game is that it feels so repetitive.
Kill X group get object. Mission complete!
Next Mission go kill the same group again and get a different object. Mission complete...

It would be better if the enemies changed once they respawn. But they just drop the same type and the same amount over and over.

JeffGUNZ1558d ago

The real game begins at level 20. Legendary and exotic gear. I am 14 right now have a few pieces of rare gear. It's nice. Love it so far. My fireteam and I have been dominating the campaign and having a blast.

medman1558d ago

"We Shouldn't Be Listening To Reports Of Destiny's Length"...This just in....size matters. Film at 11.