Microsoft Reveals 'Midnight Forces' Xbox One Controller

Twinfinite writes, "Microsoft has today unveiled its new wireless controller for the Xbox One. It's called the Midnight Forces controller, and it's got a ton of nice aesthetic and ergonomic features."

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aviator1891558d ago

sigh...dang it, Microsoft.
release a master chief collection themed x1 controller. If you aren't giving us a master chief x1, at least do a controller.

qwerty6761558d ago

what is the point of this controller

seemed like it just got released randomly.

annoyedgamer1558d ago

Options. The only issue I have is they are too expensive.

URNightmare1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Why is this $65???? It's already expensive for them to make it even more expensive just because of a little color!

I just got a Blue controller that looks way better than this, which comes with Bluetooth, rumble, sixaxis, an LED light bar, a touchpad, an audio jack, a speaker, and a built-in rechargeable battery for $60!

Man, this is the kind of sht I hate about M$.

InTheZoneAC1558d ago

has the xbox one controller always looked like an xbox s controller?

my god they're ugly

tinynuggins1558d ago

Looks beautiful. Probably the nicest looking one

ArtificiallyYours1558d ago

It looks less like a Generic PC-Gamepad, which the 360 controller does, the Xbox One controller actually resembles an S-Model successor.

This color is nice, but lets pump out some transparent plastic please?

ColeMacGrath1558d ago

Why would you like looking at the internals of the controller?

annoyedgamer1557d ago

So we can fight over who gets the black one. Loser gets the clear controller.

700p1558d ago

That white ps4 controller is ugly too.

Cryptcuzz1558d ago

Wow, insecure much? The guy didn't even mention the PS4 or PlayStation lol.

I think this one is ugly. That's just my opinion though, because to me, its just too busy looking with too many things going on with the color design.

If it was a white one, I think it would look nice, just like the white PS4 controller that I have.

RiPPn1558d ago

Looks like the same pattern as the green camo which I thought was quite ugly, but damn in blue it looks nice!

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