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Aron Adams writes "Read our independent review of the highly anticipated Destiny here. Will it live up to the hype? Read on to find out!"

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Dudebro901559d ago

Oh look...another one. There is no way anyone could possibly have a decent review up already. NO WAY.

Xaphy1559d ago

What if all they did was play the game for the past 24 hours?

Dudebro901559d ago

Then how could they write a review? They would be far too tired.

Get over it. This was posted so quickly to get clicks. Plain and simple.

NukaCola1559d ago

It seems as if every game this generation is getting crapped on. Regardles of what it is, reviewers are aching to crush them all.

Torque_CS_Lewith1559d ago

8/10 is being crapped on? Yeah okay Nuka

jcmeadows1559d ago

He is one of my staff writers from the UK that received the game yesterday. I think he put about 10+ hours into it. He just sent it a few hours ago.......not that I have to explain lol.

Death1559d ago

Well Bungie said to disregard it since it's too early. ;)

Dudebro901559d ago

My point exactly. There's no way you can have a good review done without putting at least 30 hours in this game.

So yes, this is clickbait garbage

trywizardo1559d ago

all reviews are are released before the release of the game , so when the release comes after that means the reviewer given the game his interest and actually played it ...

ShinMaster1559d ago

There were already players at level 20 this morning.

joab7771559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

IT'S Impossible. Servers went live yesterday. Raids don't come til next week. If any so called journalists reviewed an mmo without level capping or experiencing end game content, they would be crucified.

Why all the fu$#[email protected]/ hate for Destiny? Seriously! It's like they take all that they have learned over the years and create this amazing experience..and everyone hates on it...just 1 month after the beta was praised...and set pre order records b/c of it.

And this review said nothing about the game pretty it's gameplay, or how Bungie even said it doesn't really begun til u hit level 20. My guess is this guy wrote this at level 9, one level about beta cap.

Volkama1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

So consider it a review of the 'campaign' and PvP only.

Seriously, Destiny has been in reviewer's hands for long enough that they can form an opinion. The hours invested in the beta and live release are likely far in excess of the hours that go into most reviews you read. Just note the caveat that they haven't invested significant time in the end game.

You've already got the game anyway, so what does it really matter?

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SoapShoes1559d ago

It's a good score regardless of it being really early. I think in a day or two we'll see some more of the big websites reviewing it.

qwerty6761559d ago

so this should go both ways right?

its an early review so we should ignore it like bungie told us to.

Reddzfoxx1559d ago

The best thing I have experienced in Destiny has been the sword of crota. Its been a bland shooter with some special attacks so far. Maybe it gets better somewhere just at level 10 1 sword fight has been the height of my entertainment.

theshredded1559d ago

Let the Game die early on

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