3 Things Microsoft Needs to Do to “Win the Console War”

Tony from Twinfinite writes: While certainly successful, the Xbox One is lagging behind the Playstation 4 in console sales. What can Microsoft to do catch up?

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NatureOfLogic_1528d ago

Catch up? People are really expecting the weakest brand console that has never won first place to somehow make the biggest comeback in console history? Denial is indeed strong with some.

BiggerBoss1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

From a purely sales perspective, I don't really see the Xbox one ever catching up. The Ps4 just has too much momentum and it's only getting stronger. What MS needs to do is just worry about bringing quality IP to please the fanbase that they do have.

Omnisonne1528d ago


If they bring enough interesting titles with enough variety, ppl will eventually become more interested in buying an Xb1.

Oh and also, refrain from implementing stuff like the ''always online'' thingy. Just keep it simple, no edgy business practices

MrPink20131528d ago

The article suggests ignoring the 1080p debate. How does that do anything to improve sales? Sure it's best they ignore it but that won't help win sales. Software will help. Reducing the price will help. Investing and convincing gamers with unique software only on the Xbox One will help.

Even then I don't see them beating the PS4. They just don't have that worldwide appeal. Maybe they can win back the US but that alone will be difficult enough.

darthv721528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

The only way for ms to close the gap is for sony to start hitting their market saturation point first.

Then those same consumers will fill their buying need with the xb1 and wiiu. Thats not going to happen for at least 6-7 years.

Enemy1528d ago

It's already too late. Better luck next time.

Retroman1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )


GAME-OVER-for-MS-it-was-DEAD- from-the-Beginning-out-the-gate .

styferion1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

IMO Xbox needs to stop thinking on how to catch up and start thinking on a long-term view: creating future first-party studios, slow but steadily building fanbase on various genres not just shooter, and stop being jack-of-all-trades and start focusing on what sells game console the most.

ToneDeezy1528d ago

I can't reply directly to MrPink2013, but the reason I said to ignore the 1080p debate is because the console is less powerful, they need to focus on other aspects that they excel at (like the "Xbox Experience")--not waste time in a losing battle.

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Kayant1528d ago

Yep sales wise it's a done deal simply because unlike Sony last gen. They don't have Japan/Europe/Rest of the world to rely on. Sony is beating them in basically every country both are in already.

OT - Things mentioned in this piece won't be enough to change the sales gap but the last two points are good and something that they should indeed continue/do to keep XB1 owners satisfied.

ITPython1528d ago

The XB1 is doomed all gen to either be dead last, or at best second place.

The only way the XB1 could ever possibly catch up would be below:

1. Be more powerful than the PS4, thus gaining the multiplat and performance edge on games
2. Have a huge amount of AAA exclusives which trumps the PS4's offerings in number and in quality

Obviously both of those are impossible (at least this gen). XB1 will always be less powerful than the PS4, and the Xbox brand has always been weak on exclusives.

PS4 has this gen locked down, the XB1 is not even in the same league. XB1 is competing with the Wii U, not the PS4.

MasterCornholio1528d ago

I think people just have to accept that the XB1 will never catch up to the PS4. This doesn't mean that its a bad system it just means that people have to temper their sales expectations with it.

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CaptainObvious8781528d ago

I think all they can do at this point is just focus on the games and genuinely invest in the industry and it's developers.

And that doesn't mean going out and spending money to block 3rd games from coming to other platforms that were already in development.

cfc781528d ago

It's GAME OVER!!! Microsofts battle ship has been sunk people should just enjoy what XB1 brings and hopefully Ms learns from their mistakes for next gen.

qwerty6761528d ago

their big exclusives haven't even launched yet.

cfc781528d ago

Thats true but how popular would Ms exclusives have to be to get them infront of Sony and theirs? I don't see it happening but it won't stop me from enjoying XBOX this gen in the slightest starting with FH2.

Arty841528d ago

pretty much NOTHING has launched yet atleast nothing that makes people crazy to play not even the greatly hyped Destiny doesn't make everyone go running into a store and buy a console.

BitbyDeath1528d ago

PlayStations biggest exclusives haven't launched yet either, not to mention VR which may encourage a whole new market to join.

Xbox just doesn't have as much planned for the future of their console except for the usual Halo/Gears combo

DigitalRaptor1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Do people genuinely believe Xbox One has a chance of catching up with the PS4's lead? Do they really? If they do, they might need some help. It would take a colossal f**k up from Sony to turn people away from their brand for that to happen. And it also would take more than a temporary sales spike each year for that to happen, which would be around the time Halo or Gears come out.

It would have to outsell the PS4 by roughly 50K per week, for well over 60 consecutive weeks to outsell it worldwide. That's not happening.

So time to face that the stronger global brand will be leading this gen until the end because they are more focused, recognised, with strong mind share, and are making more of an effort globally for their console, and they have more games, with features that are more desirable to gamers than non-gamers.

Next year is almost a slaughter in terms of exclusive games, so the momentum is not really slowing down at any point. And if the gap gets any bigger (which it likely will), the developer support is just going to go through the roof.

At this stage, Microsoft just needs to bring out some epic games and their fanbase enjoy what they bring.

MrSec841528d ago

PS4's probably going to sell at least 15 million units by the end of this year, to just meet that number in 60 weeks and assuming Xbox One has sold 5 million units to date Xbox One would have to sell over 166K a week more than whatever the PS4 sells every week.

Considering the Xbox One has been outsold constantly for something like 7 months globally unless every multiplat starts performing better again on Xbox this generation and MS gets the sales there or they prove they can match or even exceed Sony in the quality, quantity and variety of exclusives they bring it's not happening this generation.

As you say Sony has an abundance of exclusives announced for next year, with many 1st party developers having been quiet and still one major games conference left for this year and they're already gearing up for their 2016 line-up.

The only real area that Microsoft challenges Sony in is online and Sony has already said they're planning major improvements to PSN.
With the capital they're likely to raise from selling software, profiting off of hardware and new streams of income from services like PS Plus they will have plenty of cash to reinvest in both their network and even more exclusive games later on.

IMO this generation is a done deal with Sony winning just by continuing to do what they are now and what they have done in the past.
If they're winning without any major exclusives on the market, when they do come out sales are only going to sky rocket to a point where Sony will probably be beating Microsoft by the very amount every week that Microsoft will need to be outsell Sony by just to match them.

Any idea of beating Sony on the sales side of things should be banished from people's minds.

If Microsoft are serious about continuing then they just need to be consumer friendly, none of this anti-consumer nonsense, like buying up 3rd party franchises or developers known for multiplats that are on practically every platform.

They need to respect their intended market, bring their own games, build their own studios, invest in 2nd and 3rd party exclusives that are new IPs, unless it's a dying franchise that would otherwise be gone without their investment and help.

GamersHeaven1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Best they can do is second place console war is over PS4 won.

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