Microsoft Says They're Replacing Abnormally Noisy Xbox Ones

Is your Xbox One making too much noise? Send it to Microsoft and they'll give you a new one.

The folks behind the Xbox say they're offering replacements for the "small number of customers" affected by a noise issue that seems to have grown more prevalent after the Xbox One launched in a number of new countries including Japan, Portugal, and Greece earlier this month. Over the past few days, people have taken to various web forums to complain about their Xbox Ones making abnormal amounts of noise right out of the box.

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Foehammer1073d ago

Good to see a quick response

Seems to me I recall a small percentage of early next gen drive issues last November.

Mr Pumblechook1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

A small percentage of 360 users had a problem with their system overheating. Microsoft good as their word replaced every unit. Problems happen [and this shouldn't have] but what's important is how a company responds.

BiggerBoss1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

A small percentage of 360 users have issues with overheating? Are you referring to RROD?? Because that was quite a large percentage iirc

Anyways, it's good that MS is quick to replace these problem consoles

Irishguy951073d ago

Red ringed twice, had the other issue once, then disk tray problems. 3 consoles in total with 2 sent back for repair. While I agree MS handled the repairs and replacements well...

The 360 was one faulty *** machine

hiredhelp1073d ago

I cant speak for other countrys but here in UK MS forced by trading standards after they denied there was fault blamed Us then later retracted there statement.
I had 4 broken white first 360s in total many were replacements from MS but guess what they refurbs that never lasted unfortunatly.
When elite come out they finally changed design making the horrid RROD thing the past shame we had wait soo long.
The ps3 took me 3 years everyday use till got YLOD then upgraded my 60 for the slim.

pwnsause_returns1073d ago

i would of believed you if you only have not put "360" with "small Percentage"

Spotie1073d ago

~50 is no small number when talking percentages.

psuedo1073d ago

Small percentage lawl.

SilentNegotiator1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

The RROD? A SMALL percentage of 360 users? Are you kidding?

This noisiness thing is a small percentage of users, there have been a small number of people complaining. But the RROD...I literally don't know ANYONE personally with a launch model 360 that didn't have it die, including myself.

It's great that MS/Sony have gotten right on any noise complaints, but that's something that should have been hammered out in R&D.

Mr Pumblechook1073d ago

Maybe I shoulda put this at the end? ;)

Volkama1073d ago

I had 3 RRODs over the years. I came away with no real complaints, as I didn't have to pay a penny for the 3 replacements.

I had a single PS3 fail towards the end of the gen (mid-last of us), and I had to buy a new one. Again I had no real complaints, but perhaps it made me appreciate the many 360 replacements.

I have already had a One replaced as the disc drive failed, which was smooth enough but the replacement was clearly a refurb and clearnly not well cleaned.

A friend also went through 3 RRODs, and he got a One last week, ready for Bungie fun. Destiny was the first disc-based game he got, so it was only when he got the game he was really waiting for that he discovered his disc drive didn't work. He'll be taking that back to retailer today.

I'm gonna break some more stuff, and see if his stuff breaks in the same way.

LordMaim1073d ago

@Volkama: It made you appreciate that you had 3 console failures within your warranty window. I wouldn't consider that a positive.

Volkama1073d ago

@LordMaim, it makes me appreciate that Microsoft extended the warranty sufficiently to cover the defect.

Obviously not having a defect would be better.

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Dan501073d ago

I went through 7 warranty replacements before I gave up and went to the PS3. On my 3rd PS3.

Exari1073d ago

7 xboxes and 3 ps3s... dude wtf do you do with your consoles? do you eat them?

SmielmaN1072d ago

Man, dust and vent your stuff! Lol. Compressed air can through the vents of the system every 4-6 mths should help it last a lot longer. I still have a launch window PS3 in my family room!!! It's fan is quite loud but it still works! My PS3 slim is hitting 3 or 4 yrs now and it's still great. Ps4 is due for a cleaning though, thanks for reminding me! Lol

Magicite1073d ago

its a modern RROD, but at least they still work.

Quicktim31073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

good. hope people can get their new consoles back quick.


As they should. Good stuff MS

annoyedgamer1073d ago

I had an issue with a loud Power Brick but I took the brick of the surge protector and plugged it directly into the wall and the noise went away.

The brick has its own surge protector so I am not worried.

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