Assassin’s Creed chief defends British accents in Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity is set in revolutionary France. Unless you’ve been without internet, eyes, ears, or a confluence of all three conditions, you’d know that. If you’re one of the aforementioned souls who has retained hearing, you may have been wondering, bearing this in mind, why do the Parisian chaps appear to be speaking with British accents? Well, the game’s creative director Alex Amancio has you covered.

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3-4-51558d ago

The Explanation is fine, I think people aren't smart enough to understand it though, so they hate on it instead.

Makes perfect sense.

It's like being mad that your french translator doesn't speak to you in japanese.

windblowsagain1559d ago

Can they explain why they haven't given this series a long deserved rest.

poor_cus_of_games1559d ago

Because they enjoy the craic lol

skulz71559d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Maybe because people buy the games and Ubisoft make millions and millions a year? They are a business.

KingKevo1558d ago

It's funny how people keep saying this. I remember after AC3 that was.. not as good as previous games people were giving Ubi so much shit and kept complaining. Then AC4 came and all of a sudden everyone was like "wow AC is great and there is a lot of innovation", yet still whenever an new game is announced they start complaining again. AC is AC and it won't change it's core gameplay EVER.

Just like a CoD is always a CoD, A Halo is a Halo and a 3D Mario is a 3D Mario. This 'take a break' argument is pointless imho. Especially if you check who develops the games. Sure it is always the same studio, Ubi Montreal, but the team is pretty much always a different one. That is how they keep things fresh and honestly, I am happy that they can manage to keep making a game every year yet innovate enough to keep the AC formula alive.

I don't see AC taking a break or going away anytime soon.

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Volkama1559d ago

What accent is more appropriate? French? I am fairly sure that the french were not parading around speaking English with a French accent during the revolution.

Fizzler1558d ago

What makes this even dumber is that the developers are French themselves, you'd think they'd have a few connections within their own country, and the excuse is rubbish, all the previous games in the franchise had the native accents of their locations and time periods, if we are too believe that that's the reason why ACU will only use British accents, doesn't that mean every future entry in the franchise will have to follow suit?

caseh1558d ago

"What makes this even dumber is that the developers are French themselves, you'd think they'd have a few connections within their own country"

What, you mean like having the entire game in French? - "According to Amancio, if you’re desperate to play your game in French (with English subtitling) then you’ll be able to do so. In addition, all non-essential dialogue, such as crowd and background discussions, will take place in French"

kneon1558d ago

I'll be playing it in french, just like I played all the ac2 games in Italian.

But I'll have to learn a new language if they move on to some other country in the future ;)

Section81558d ago

Thank you. I've been saying this forever. What the hell kind of lame excuse is that? Because we wanted to. Other dev's can add them in their games? Ever since this guy started talking about unity he's been out to lunch. No female assassin's, no French accents. You're in paris for fuck's sakes. This alex douche doesn't think they'll have accents when speaking English? What a joke. And since the lead studio IS FUCKING FRENCH, then it's not hard to imagine them doing it. Look at all their interviews. They sound French as hell.

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FsterThnFTL1558d ago

This is a non-issue. It was explained in AC 1 why everyone is speaking in English in the Animus.

mhunterjr1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

True, but did they have British accents in AC1? I honestly can't remember. I do know that in AC2, they spoke with Italian accents, and in AC3-4, everyone spoke English, but with accents that reflected their nationality.

This is the first AC that I can recall, where the accents don't match the nationality. I do find it strange that a French developer wouldn't just have people speaking English with French accents...

All in all, I don't care, but it is strange...

Am_Ryder1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

It's a question of accents. Not language.

In AC2 everyone Italian had an Italian accent. And in AC1 the accents varied but had a definite middle-eastern twang.

Now in a French game they've decided to go full blown varied English accents, from posh RP to cockney? Is a little bit problematic.

But it's not like it's a dealbreaker!

PhantomT14121558d ago

I liked the way crusaders from different countries in the first game would speak in their own language. Teutonic knights from Germany would speak in German, French Hospitalier knights would say "Tu périras dans les flammes de l'enfer" and Richard's men had their British, cockneyish accent.

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