FIFA 15 Preview | ENE3

ENE3: "In the version of the new generation is a whole set of details that captivates us. We have progressive wear on the pitch where, in addition to being recorded in the grass abrupt changes in direction of the players, each tacke leaves marks on the green carpet. Near the 90th minute, the pitch seems to have been attacked by moles, in war, on a day that exceeded the recommended intake of caffeine. We are pleased to also see catches the balls to return the ball whenever it goes out of bounds lines or background. The popular technology the goal-line that debuted in this world of Brazil is trying to simulate just a televised replay of a similar shape. There are also transitions in camera replacements similar to those broadcasting the same ball. This is most evident when it comes to a dangerous shot and the game shows us the expression of frustration of the player who just failed to score. "

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