Backlog - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Endlessbacklog's Christopher Compton takes a look back at Deus Ex Human Revolution

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WolfLeBlack1534d ago

I'm replaying this having picked it up during a sale a little while back on PC.

Previously I played it on console, so I'm also enjoying the smoother experience, and slightly better graphics, although the difference is marginal. Was never graphically impressive from a technical sense.

There's a lot of problems like the stiff facial animations and meh combat, but overall it remains one of my favorite games.

Paprika1533d ago

Still the artistic direction makes up for technical downfalls. The atmosphere is epic, really awesome game! One of my favorites from last gen!

Roccetarius1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I'm glad the option was there to remove the yellow haze, because it had a much cleaner look after that.

The combat was never a main thing for me to use, because i typically stealthed through it. The initial boss battles was a poor addition as well. I do think not only facial animations were weird, but the bodies in general had problems.

It's a good game, but i still prefer the first one, by a long shot.

kiz26941533d ago

Completely agree with you, I also want to add that the audio and soundtrack is f-ing awesome! Very suiting for the atmosphere.

Locknuts1533d ago

Just finished the director's cut. I won't be selling this one. It's a keeper.

wonderfulmonkeyman1533d ago

It's a shame that it's a port of a game I've already played elsewhere, but it's a really great game on the Wii U otherwise.

Remy_Chaos1533d ago

Yeah I played it on my 360 first then trade it, ugh such a dumb move. I recently picked it up for my Wii U too though.

ZeekQuattro1533d ago

I broke down an bought the DC on a whim. The Gamestop I went to actually had copies so I bought one. It was well worth it. I loved the improved visuals along with all the DLC I missed and revamped boss battles. The controls were well done on the Wii U as well.

MSBAUSTX1533d ago

I got it on sale off of Amazon for $9. I am extremely happy with it. I actually feel bad for not having paid full price for this to support the Devs. I hope they make another.

ZeekQuattro1533d ago

That was a steal. I don't regret paying full price for the game though. I need to start playing it again.

MSBAUSTX1533d ago

I am playing this game for the first time on the Wii U and it is incredibly impressive. Looks a little better than last gen version from what I have seen and supposedly has extra content. It really is an amazing game with tons of side stuff to do. Love it.

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