Latest Destiny Codes for Grimoire Cards to Shaders

Here's a great listing for 26 codes for the Destiny Grimoire Cards, Emblems and Shaders to get you started.

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LackTrue4K1554d ago

Little help, I keep getting them cards. But are lost on there use or purpose....

FoxHound_1554d ago

As far as I'm aware the first 17 codes help us expand on the lore a bit. The new ones are for emblems to customize our player card, along with two codes to change the colour of our armor.

Thanks for the heads up to whoever made this!

Jdoki1554d ago

It's for background info. You can go to the Destiny app or and read the cards for more info on the back story.

The shaders just allow you to colour your gear.

No idea why the Grimoire cards are not accessible through the game!

sikadelic_mu531554d ago

I wish the Grimoire cards were accessible through the game.