iPhone 6 Getting Huge Dev Support, EA, Square Enix, Ubisoft & More

"Earlier today Apple revealed that there will be two new iPhone models joining the already bloated family of mobile hardware; the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

The announcement didn't really surprise anyone, but the amount of developers who are actively working on new games for the latest bit of kit from the smart-phone manufacturer certainly came as a surprise." - TGC

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iTechHeads1559d ago

iPhone is the most popular phone in the world. This isn't surprising, this is expected.

psvitamanfan1559d ago

I think its the fact that a dedicated gaming machine like the PS Vita cant rally the same support the iphone demands.

Edit: supposed to be in reply to iTechHeads...

NewMonday1559d ago

smartphones are making people ply games when they may not have been willing to before, they are bringing more people in to the hardcore experience.

mikeslemonade1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Casual gaming needs to tank.

Apple dropped the ball in making the "copycat" to the Note 3. No confirmed waterproofing -_-

All they need to do is copy and maybe charge more than Samsung. But if you offer less and charge more than it's hard to stay loyal to Apple.

nodim1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

@NewMonday Maybe they would if there was any noticeably popular hardcore experience on iphone. Casual gamers are eating the tones of casual games, they are not really "introduced" to anything.

il-JumperMT1558d ago

iphone most popular phone in the world? remind me why apple cannot even dent market share of android.

Irishrocket691558d ago

Phone, not OS, not one single phone comes close to the iPhone. Operating systems are different.

stuna11559d ago

That may be so, still doesn't affect my enjoyment of my Vita! And it also has very important features "Buttons"!

lemoncake1559d ago

If you want buttons on your iPhone then you can get all sorts of different contollers for it now.

MasterCornholio1559d ago

But its still not as convenient as controls built in the device.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1559d ago

Who gives a shit. Gaming on a phone is isn't a great experience.

FsterThnFTL1559d ago

Sadly neither is on a home console for much more people in the world:

iPhones sold = 500+ million
Xbox 360 + Xbox One + PS3 + PS4 + WiiU sold = 188.77 million

Omran1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

because it is a phone so no surprise it will sell more than consoles ! I don't know why you mention the sales when it is phone where everybody nowadays have a phone and use it for contacting people and other stuff but consoles is for games

KYPRIME1559d ago

get real, you can't compare phones with GAMING CONSOLES omg

donwel1559d ago

If you're going to compare all models of the iphone as one group then you should compare them too all consoles released, or even better, to all handheld consoles as that would be a more appropriate comparison because if you do that you get:
Handheld consoles sold (recorded) = 500.82 million

King_of_Nothing1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

How exactly is someones experience with a particular device even relative to the world wide sales of another?

Does the guy who buys a moped out of necessity for transportation have a more enjoyable motoring experience than the person who purchases a high end sports car? Who knows, the target audiences and purpose of each machine is very different, but the astronomically higher sales numbers of the moped sure as hell gives no inclination to the level of enjoyment of the other group.

TLDR: your comment is dumb

Joe9131559d ago

You buy consoles to play games movie and other media should be second hand you buy a phone to talk to people and text games is second or third hand on a phone so you cant compare the two I know plenty of people who have iphones and do not use them for games if you had the actual number of people who bought a iphone to play games I bet that number will be lower than 500+ million. Especially since most people are ditching the house phone for cell phones.

1559d ago
Grap1559d ago

One of the dumbest Comment i read in the internet GOOD JOB dude this comment will not be forgotten.

MrPink20131559d ago

Software revenue is what's important, not how many phones or consoles were sold. The simple truth is money is being made on smartphones which is why big publishers want a piece of the pie. Problem is nobody would pay $60 to play a game on their iPhone.

PygmelionHunter1558d ago

Oh boy... please, please tell me your username doesn't imply that you read Xenocide, because I wouldn't sleep knowing that someone with the intellect and patience to read and enjoy such a book would be on N4G of all places, writing the dumbest comparison ever...

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methegreatone1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

That's what every other person says out of ignorance.
There are a bunch of good games, especially on iOS. Experiences that are definitely good enough to be considered hardcore.
Great visuals
Great controls - mobile gaming doesn't need buttons, devs need to tailor their game to mobile so they don't use virtual d-pads
Great gameplay, with lots of depth.

Don't know what more is needed to classify as 'hardcore'

I'm a 'hardcore' PC gamer btw, who enjoys simulation, immersion and depth as much as the pure fun aspect of games. I also enjoy console games, especially high quality exclusives.
There are always some mobile games which I absolutely love. Games that I have put many many hours into, completely immersed.
Infinity Blade for example - it was like playing diablo...the depth to the combat and the loot and levelling had me hooked. Didn't hurt that it looked amazing.
Games like the IB series, Republique, The Walking Dead port (perfect for mobile), Real Racing 3. They all provide incredible, immersive experiences, especially on iOS.
I'm really excited for the iphone games to come, even though I don't have one right now, because I know some of them will be fantastic 'hardcore' experiences. I know this will be the case irrespective of what most other people say.

Hardcore mobile gaming is not Angry Birds, or Nova, or Modern Combat. There are devs out there that actually make quality experiences specifically tailored to mobile.

PhucSeeker1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Nope ! Gaming with console like games on Phone can be good experience if you play the right games .
XCOM is a good example . or basically any Turn-based strategy -RPG games .
Others are console-like games that are built from ground up for phone with touchscreen control in mind like Dead Space (sadly , it's the only one , Mass effect was not that good)
So yeah , that is pretty much all you can do with touchscreen for Console-like games on phone . But expext nothing from these big greedy publisher . they gonna freemium/dumb down the crap out of games on phone so no hope for it .

Kurisu1559d ago

I'm due an upgrade next summer. I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S4, and I've never had an iPhone before. The main reason to that is due to the size of the iPhone's - too small. But now with the iPhone 6 Plus I'm definitely reevaluating my decision, but I'll see closer to the time as I do like Android phones.

Immorals1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Stick with Android.. Using an iPhone is like a huge step backwards. Even with the bigger screen, the still skimped on power, the camera, flexibility and most importantly, the screen. When all other companies are moving up to qHD, iphones are just getting 1080p. It's laughable.

NewMonday1559d ago

plan to have both, iPhone+ and XperiaZ3 compact is the perfect combo.

Fishy Fingers1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

1080p is fine for a 5inch screen, nobody seems to quibble over the resolution on their 50inch TV.

Underpowered? To much time reading tech specs, iOS is optimised much better than Android, even though the iPhones specs are 'weak' when compared on paper to some android offerings they perform just as well in real world appications.

ShutUpDonny1559d ago

@NewMonday What a waste of money! Why would you want 2 phones ? It's not even convenient. If you want to have everything, at least get a combo Vita/Iphone or if you only want only to RemotePlay and the iOS games, go with a Z3/Ipod Touch or iPad mini. That at least makes a little bit more sense.

LookAtYou1559d ago

I'm the opposite...Its hard finding a quality light weight 4.5ish or under android phone that has good specs. I like being able to use my phone with one hand and being able to reach everything. Youll love iOS though, especially jailbroken, nothing compares to the smoothness and quality apple offers. Ignore the haters, once I got the 5s and jailbroke it any android phone felt like a major downgrade. I'll never go back unless I need a cheap replacement phone.

sourav931559d ago

I'm on exactly the same boat i.e. due for an upgrade next summer and am currently rocking a S4. I've always hated iPhones and Apple products in general, with good reason though. I hate the fact that they announce some feature that's been on rival phones for ages, and then call it revolutionary™. I also hate iSheep for their sheer ignorance.

But anyways, I'm now considering getting the iPhone 6 Plus, because I want a break from android (been using it for the past 5 years), and I like the stability of iOS (only good thing about iOS).

Only thing stopping me from upgrading to the iPhone 6 Plus is that I'm waiting for the Galaxy S6 from Samsung. If it's something really new and refreshing, I might not have to leave android.

methegreatone1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

If you want a phone that has brilliant games on it, and I mean proper hardcore experiences, not those stupid fps games you find on both phones... I mean games with great visuals, sound, INTUITIVE CONTROLS..., fantastic gameplay with lots of depth
Then go for the iphone. They have a bunch of passionate devs actually making quality games. Examples include Infinity Blade series, Republique.
Android has much fewer of these. With support from major devs, you can expect some great games in the future.
Real Racing 3 happens to be on Android, but will perform way better on the latest iphone and have more graphical features.

If you want a phone that has flexibility - the option to share files, explore the files, customize everything (and I mean just about everything), then get Android, it has incredible flexibility. It is basically open source so...
Personally, I don't care about this most of the time, so while I do have a fantastic Android phone now, I'd still prefer an iphone 6 or something.
At the end of the day though, an iphone is really expensive...

Don't listen to people saying the screen is 'laughable' and that 1080p is too little. 1080p is gorgeous on my 5' screen and it will be gorgeous on a 4.7 inch screen. Apple didn't include some insane resolution screen because they aren't stupid.
The camera is pretty damn good on an iphone, although some Android phones definitely do a better job.

Iphones are never underpowered. They have lower specs, yet perform just as well if not better than their Android counterparts in just about any application test, and more importantly for me, they perform tons better in gaming.

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