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Dealspwn writes: "It's a game in which you can throw down on a spider tank with an electric katana, breed a mutant dog to bring into combat, enhance your equipment with collectible cards and even find yourself abducted by a cyborg Frankenwolf in the middle of a match because you insulted one of the factions.

It's also shonky, unpolished, grindy, hinges around a bizarre economy and throws in a huge number of overlapping gameplay systems without worrying about whether they all work properly. Warframe is too crazy to live. And I love it.

If you haven't jumped into Destiny yet, I'd highly recommend giving Warframe a whirl, especially now it's out on Xbox One. And free. It might just be the cure for your Science Fiction slaughterfest itch."

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Dlacy13g1528d ago

It really is space ninja destiny

C-H-E-F1528d ago

I really don't know what's the game is about. I keep trying to play it but the players they stick me with never know what they're doing so I never know what i'm doing lOl. ALSO, How is it that Infamous got a Platinum on a DLC but this game can't update it's trophies to add one?? smh

dcj05241528d ago

It's a never ending game. It'd be weird for that to have platinum

C-H-E-F1528d ago


Like DC Universe Online isn't??? lOl

jagermaster6191528d ago

Its a cool game Destiny isn't that great in my opinion just lacks in what it promised but I know fanboys will cry when they hear this. It just got boring really really fast MCC will be the sh#t lets go 343!!!!!

SoapShoes1528d ago

Halo fanatic claiming Destiny sucks. Sounds legit!

NovusTerminus1528d ago

These two are nothing alike... both awesome, but different ends of the spectrum.

tkato1528d ago

Didn't like it in the beta, didn't like it on my PS4.
It's not a good game, Destiny is a good game. so there's that.

dcj05241528d ago

It is. Just has a steep learning curve. You just don't like it

Baka-akaB1528d ago

Stop giving people bad advices , you'll make them dislike it for bad reasons . Warframe is pretty decent , great even if you can accept some f2p based quirks , but nothing alike .

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