Project Morpheus Heads-On Preview ~ From VR sceptic to excited convert in 3 demos [PSGamer]

Sean Davies of PSGamer: Before attending Gamescom 2014, I was a VR sceptic. My previous experiences with virtual reality only extended as far Lawnmower Man-esque arcade games from the 90′s, which were ludicrously expensive to play (£5 a go at the local arcade) and less than impressive. The controls felt clunky, the graphics sub-standard compared to the other games in the arcade and they were not very immersive experiences. Each time I read “VR is the future of gaming” I jokingly scoffed at the prospect – that was until I got my hands (and head) on 3 Project Morpheus demonstrations at Gamescom 2014 and now I am a converted VR optimist. Here are my thoughts on what I got to play.

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Inzo1528d ago

I would love to play the new Silent Hill with this, I think I will pee my pants.

Ocsta1527d ago

Silent Hills in VR will kill people dead. Lawsuits shall reign supreme.

amiga-man1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

This will become a familiar tale, the only way to really understand VR is to try it for yourself.

I have not been that lucky yet but if it's only half as absorbing as I imagine, it really will usher in a new Immersive era of gaming

Remy_Chaos1528d ago

Its pretty much the only direction gaming can go. If you think about it, game-play wise, it hit its stride during the PS2 days. We've been playing the same thing just with the obvious increase of tech. Blowing up the environment and running, jumping, etc off the side of buildings can only be done so much before its also added to the list.

qwerty6761528d ago

"psgamer" lol how does this stuff keep getting accepted?

i would be saying the same thing about xbox fan sites also popping up on here.

Volkama1528d ago

The fact that they focus on a particular platform doesn't make all their reporting worthless.

It may raise some questions over their Xbox coverage or comparisons, but nothing to complain about with a Playstation site covering a playstation story.

WeAreLegion1528d ago

You would need to get rid of DualShockers, TheSixthAxis, PlayStationLifeStyle, Nintendo Everything, and various other sites then, too. Why does it matter?

qwerty6761528d ago

caused its biased reported instead of being fair and honest.

WeAreLegion1528d ago

So, a website dedicated to talking about PlayStation products can't talk about PlayStation products?

WeedyOne1527d ago

If your looking for fair and honest news your in the wrong place...

But sadly this is still the best place to get gaming news, you just have to be very skilled at weeding out the BS from the facts!

crazysapertonight1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Project Morpheus.. Only demos and no games.

That is why Oculus Rift is much better for me.

amiga-man1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

crazysapertonight : Project Morpheus.. Only demos and no games.

What a ridiculous statement to make, it is being demoed running Demo's that doesn't mean it doesn't have games,

in fact Project Cars has announced it already supports Morpheus

crazysapertonight1527d ago

Oculus Rift on their stands show Alien Isolation, for example and other really good games.

I want that Sony did the same.
She must Show intresting games with PM on PS4.

Fishy Fingers1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

OR has been in the hands of developers (and early adopters) for sometime. Morpheus on the other hand has not.