Destiny Midnight Launches Do Not Disappoint

Attending the midnight release for Destiny didn't disappoint and masses of fans were hyped in attendance.

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Shadonic1471d ago

Best buy midnight launch i was at was crappy

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1471d ago

Looks like Destiny Launch didnt break PSN :)

OpieWinston1471d ago

I loved the Microsoft Store party that I was at.
Free stuff(Posters/Shirts/Water Containers/Destiny Wristbands)
Raffle prizes
Free drinks/snacks(Popcorn/Pizza)
Destiny demos all around the store(They opened the doors at 10PM to let people play games and eat food while we waited for launch.

I had a blast.

TheNew11471d ago

That sounds fun. Being surrounded by people with the same taste and all like gaming is nice.

WeAreLegion1471d ago

My GameStop had free Dominos pizza and a DJ. The DJ was a bit excessive. They learned that the hard way. It was awkward for everyone involved. It was much too cold last night for anyone to dance outside. The pizza was good though! I tried to stay inside the whole time because I didn't want to stand in line with everyone smoking. It makes me cough. Nobody obeys smoking laws.

Bubbamilk1471d ago

Flashes back to grandma lovingly blowing smoke in my it's not that bad.

Back in te day that's just what went down everywhere u go.

Very weird about the DJ. Sounds awful, and sorry I had to disagree because I do in fact obey smoking laws.

Just think of it this way tho if no one was smoking u would just enjoy the air and wouldn't even think twice about it. The awful smoking and coughing allows u to hope for a better smokeless future. The smoker smells the fresh air and just wants a smoke.

Sorry I'm at work and I can't wait for destiny and a cigarette and I'm hungry. Ur comment was the perfect storm lol. All the things I need minus the DJ

700p1471d ago

nerds cant dance though lmao

IVanSpinal1471d ago

Destiny Midnight Launches Do Not Disappoint

Cant say the same about the game

Funantic11471d ago

Hey I was gonna say that. Lol

miyamoto1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

[email protected] the salty Kidtendos.
No Destiny for Wiik U.
There There that's okay.

All you guys buy is Nintendo first party party games so deal with it.
No need to bash games you don't like to play.

Big_Game_Hunters1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

@miyamoto dang must suck not having anything to play on the horizon but your HALO mmo only to find out its garbage ;/
You are right though, i can't play destiny because for some reason Bungie thought it was smart to ignore PC gamers, the fan base that plays the most MMOs.
Oh well Destiny is garbage, so i guess i don't have to get a ps4 just yet.
Oh whats that?!I'm getting a PS4?!?!?! this might come as a surprise to a fanboy, but some people actually buy multiple systems.

Gohadouken1471d ago

Well so far we've heard the same speech about every big games from 1/2 bubbles guys ... sooo good for you guys ... i guess .

Maxor1471d ago

This game is another Titan Fail.

Massive hype, followed by massive crash in interest from the gaming public.

retro_1470d ago

No, I disagree. I think this game is a polished gem unlike titanfall which we all know was not the finished article. We'll have to wait for TitanFall 2 for that and of course it'll have a far bigger audience.

ITPython1471d ago

I doubt any of you even have the game.

Boo hoo Bungie went multiplat, get over it already.

Gamerbeyond1471d ago

anyone beat the main storyline yet.

SoapShoes1471d ago

Sounds like a Halo fanboy to me, salty. Why can't we have different Bungie games that are good? Why hold onto the past?

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EdoubleD1471d ago

Hope everyone who plays it really enjoys it.
The beta confirmed this was a miss for me, but that's just my opinion.

WeAreLegion1471d ago

Thank you for being respectful. Well said bubble for you. I really love Destiny, by the way. :)

DeadlyOreo1471d ago

Yet you get disagrees for saying you like it. Wow, people really are clueless.

LAWSON721471d ago

I just hung out at a friend's house but came at 11:30 and got a poster at least lol. It did not seem particularly impressive though

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