GTA Online Red Dead Tribute Special features RDR-inspired jobs

In the latest batch of GTA Online jobs, players have created a number of Red Dead Redemption-inspired jobs for gamers to partake in.

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skulz71554d ago

Read dead was such an outstanding game. We need another one! I was playing it the other day and the graphics look next-gen and in some ways is better than GTA 5s graphics, yet it came out years ago.

angelsx1554d ago

Agree skulz7
Red dead looks much better then gta5 and running smooter.

SeanScythe1554d ago

That could be because there isn't much going on in the world compared to GTAV. The towns are very distant from each other with only a couple dozen people in most of them. Not to mention the world is pretty empty when you compare it to GTAV. GTAV is also all loaded from one end to the other. You can see red lights and stop signs from miles away, in RDR you don't access the air at all s there is no telling how high the ceiling is in the world. Now RDR is a much larger world with more Biomes from deserts to winter mountains. I wish GTAV had a snow section besides the first 15mins of the game.

Hendrickson1554d ago

We need RDR 2 next year, come on Rockstar!