Legal Discussions Underway Over CM Punk's Inclusion in WWE 2K15

Legal representatives for pro-wrestler CM Punk are engaged with WWE officials to settle a range of disputes, including his possible removal in the upcoming game WWE 2K15

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LightningMokey1555d ago

I really want him in the Game. I want Punk vs Reigns.

Ken851554d ago

Screw him. We have AMAZING CAW creators.

Austin481555d ago

cm punk used to be the best but now he whines all the time i cant stand him now.

gunfan1555d ago

He is a great wrestler that has become a cry baby. He forgot that without his fans he would be wrestling in backyards.

ZombieGamerMan1549d ago

Honestly considering he breached his contract by leaving early, he should have no claim in this. WWE and 2K should have every right to use CM Punk and not pay him a dime.