EA Should Have Booted Ray Rice from Madden a Long Time Ago

Hardcore Gamer: on't let EA treat this as a moral victory. They only did what they had to, and we deserve better from our video games.

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DEEBO1557d ago

Just like ray Lewis for murder or big ben for rape cases that got paid out or any other actor or entertainer that has done wrong because second chances or so last year.

ValKilmer1557d ago

It sends a bad message to our youth that you can be a violent person and still get millions of dollars playing football.

Football used to be a character building experience. Remember how in high school you wore a suit on game day?

MaxwellBuddha1557d ago

Will Josh Gordon be removed as well? I mean, why stop at wife-beaters? Hell, Josh Brent KILLED a teammate and last I heard he's still in the game. Boot his ass too.

This is nothing more than a cheap PR stunt; damage control for the outrage over NHL 15.

ValKilmer1557d ago

Let's not stop at wife-beaters.

If you have a violent criminal record, you should be banned from the league.

No room for thugs.

HogHug1557d ago

The difference between drugs and violence is clear. Other than the integrity of the game, Josh Gordon harmed no one but himself. Ray Rice cannot say the same thing.