15 years later and it's still thinking: Our fondest memories of the Sega Dreamcast

GamesBeat: It’s safe to say that I think the Sega Dreamcast is an incredible footnote in our industry’s history, and luckily, some of my GamesBeat colleagues agree with me. To celebrate, I’m handing out some Sonic party plates, cutting up a gigantic imaginary cake shaped like Hidekazu Yukawa (then-senior managing director of Sega and system spokesperson), and asking everyone to share their fondest memories of one of the most beloved consoles of all time.

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darkronin2291557d ago

Never owned a Dreamcast (I pledged allegiance to PS2 at the time), but I've thought a lot about buying one over the years.

Sadie21001557d ago

Aw man, you missed out! :)

TheShrew1557d ago

^ Same. I can think of one time I even played a Dreamcast.

Tolkoto1557d ago

I still love this system.

Sadie21001557d ago

Lots of SoulCalibur love here. Phantasy Star Online, too!

filchron1557d ago

You arent a real gamer if you didnt experience the Dreamcast. End of.