Xenoblade Chronicles is a Game-Changer for Nintendo

Maybe Nintendo doesn’t need Mario. Maybe what Nintendo needs is a JRPG for the ages. Maybe Nintendo needs Xenoblade Chronicles.

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Big_Game_Hunters1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Not only for Nintendo, but JRPGs, and if Xenoblade chronicles X is even close to being as good as xenogears then it will be a generation defining game -FACT.

Gamer19821555d ago

generation defining? Thats a bold statement.. Lets be fair though Xenogears was a cult classic nothing more selling 1.46 million in a generation where the PS1 sold over 100 million. That's just over 1% so I doubt many lovers of the first game are going to buy wiius for this game. Thats an actual fact what you said was opinion.

WPX1555d ago

Maybe the game hasn't sold FFVII numbers but sales are just that, a number. And IMHO, Xenogears was a way better RPG than FFVII especially for a lesser budget.
Thing is, not enough people were exposed to its awesomeness whereas FFVII had all the hype and wah wah at the time. Of course it'd sell more.

Who knows what will happen when XCX comes out, it has a lot more exposure and it has hype. I know for sure I will be buying MY COPY day one and that's a FACT.

Concertoine1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Generation defining doesn't refer to sales. It just means its a game people remember whenever they look back on this gen.

Like Xenogears.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1555d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles itself is in a league of it own. Best JRPG IMO.

3-4-51555d ago

Nintendo.....helping to keep JRPG's alive in the west.

Nintendo is responsible for keeping Dragon Quest relevant in the west last gen as well.

They are better at doing Square-Enix's job than Square is.

CBaoth1555d ago

Not in the States they aren't.

The Last Story? Published by Xseed after NOA passed. What about Pandora's Tower? Nope, Xseed published that one too. Surely Xenoblade Chronicles right? Well sorta, only after Gamestop help foot the bill. And how did that work that? NOA & GS printed a limited number of copies, sold out, but GS kept a few thousand copies to gouge customers for $90 used. Later GS secretly printed more but kept selling it at the rare price. After they were busted by sites like Gaf, they promptly removed the option to buy online but now offer it for the astonishingly low price of $44 used.

recto851555d ago

wait for Final May Cry XV lol
JRPG genre would be dead if not bandai namco, Silicon Studio (bravely default) and these guys.

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Eonjay1555d ago

I'm still holding out on the Wii U for my second console. Its mainly because of this game.

DeusEx-Machina1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

To me Xenoblade for the original Wii was a fu*king eye opener! One that taught me I can still enjoy games. One of very few games I consider true progress in game making of the entire last generation.

DarkLord10031555d ago

What was so special about it? can someone explain?

WeAreLegion1555d ago

Good story? I don't know. I love Xenoblade Chronicles, but I feel like people are really overselling it.

DeusEx-Machina1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I have to use my last bubble and I'm not sure if I'm the right person for this, but I'll try:

Many modern games today, regardless of genre and particular that of big publishers, tend to be rather linear, short in content and in some form restrictive. Often they focus only on one or few aspects that make a game (mostly graphics).

Xenoblade excels in every one of them (IMO) except in graphics due to limitations of the Wii (not to confuse with art design(!), because this is outstanding in XB).

It features gameplay that is solid, innovative and fun, a music score that searches it's alike and a game world that is in the same time both unimaginable creative and gigantic in scope and is just fun to explore (No invisible walls!).

The story is well written, rich in length without getting boring and has some clever philosophical elements without getting overbearingly complicated. Most importantly, it's a very gripping and addictive story to follow. Characters are very likable (I loved them). Story and characters can be a little bit cheesy at times but I found it charming (comes down to taste)

Game mechanics pay tribute to proven ones seen in older games, while modernizing many aspects in the same time.

Overall the game features a content that for modern game standards would have been enough to fill a trilogy plus respective DLCs.

DarkLord10031555d ago

I gave you a bubble up for your post. Thank you very much for the response :)
And I used my last bubble to answer you ^^

Nerdmaster1555d ago

Side quests were terrible, though.

DeusEx-Machina1555d ago

In respect to the article:

Nice article overall, but Monolith Soft is NOT, I repeat, is NOT a second party developer! It's FIRST party today. Or more precisely an external first party software development subsidiary.

I really don't understand, where people get this idea from. Only because Game Freak is second party doesn't mean everyone else who develops for Nintendo and doesn't make a Mario game is too.

Loadedklip1555d ago

I think it is just because Nintendo's EAD is such a powerful influential and historic development team that if it isn't EAD ... it's not "Nintendo" in their minds.

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