Pokémon X & Y Shiny Gengar and Diancie Events Confirmed for Europe and the United States

Pokémon X & Y is set to receive two brand-new events later this year for Europe and the United States, with the first event allowing users to download a shiny Gengar and the second featuring the mythical Pokémon known as Diancie.


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Serrafina1530d ago

Mmmm, I rather have Diancie.

JEW_UNIT1530d ago

Saved the dates on my calendar. Thanks!

Summons751530d ago

Why gamestop? always gamestop? They always screw these events up and a ton of people never actually get with the internet there is NO REASON someone should waste gas to go to a store for something the store may or may not have set up because gamestop are a bunch of lazy pricks who screw customers over. I know my local gamestop hasn't supported a pokemon event since I quit years ago, I was the only one who cared.