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CCC Says: "Ever so often a game is released that changes the expectations of gamers. It changes the way we look at the genre, and becomes that one game everyone is playing. If you aren’t playing it there’s a level of jealousy those would be players have against everyone else. We haven’t had one of those types of games in a long time. We’ve had a ton of games that modify the way we enjoy certain things about the genre. The last time gaming felt truly revolutionized was Halo 2 (no I don’t count the Wii). With Bungie being behind the last truly great revolution, it seems only fitting they do it once more with their latest franchise Destiny."

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Derekvinyard131555d ago

Hours upon hours of gameplay, what I like to hear.


Very beautiful and we'll designed game....most definitely game of the year.

NukaCola1555d ago

10hrs... I hate prelaunch BS reviews. Getting excited to get Destiny

WolfLeBlack1555d ago

Reads like a rather rushed review, and almost feels as though it uses the beta as its foundation rather than the main game. For example, talks about Dinkelage's performance in comparison to the beta, but no mention of any other actors?

Would like to have known how many hours the author sunk into the game given that servers only just went up. As a social game, it needs to be judged as such.

The quality of the story is glossed over, the crucible barely mentioned etc. What was the quality of the writing like, the map design?

Ark_1555d ago

If anything it's an evolution of genre(s) - not an revolution. Throwing around catchwords a bit much ...


Remember Bungie said not to trust early reviews...wonder if that includes positive reviews as well...

Rockyrob1555d ago

Maybe if Bungie holds off on the reviews there will be more sales. If the reviews come out as not as high, it could actually hurt sales.

I'm waiting to buy.

FsterThnFTL1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I am not trusting this early review as Bungie kindly requested.

BattleTorn1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I'm not caring about review - I'm simply buying it.

I don't get why - we as gamers - are so incredibly critical of hyped releases. Like, I follow TONS of YTers, and while for the last 9months I've seen guys justifying re-buying Tomb Raider, overlooking the faults of Thief, forgiving the shortness of Ground Zeroes, overcoming the underwhelmings of TitanFall, Platinuming inFamous in 3 short days, grieving the shortcomings of Watch_Dogs, forgiving the screentears in Sniper Elite, actually buying Spiderman at all, getting over the lack of improvement on TLOU:R.

I ran out of metaphors, and couldn't think of anything negative about Diablo 3, and Metro Redux.
I've seen each of these games played on YT channels over the last 9months, with these complaints.

Now we have Destiny and I hear guys, who bought the arguably-underwhelming titles I mentioned, saying that they aren't getting Destiny at launch because they don't feel it lives up to the hype - or weren't impressed with the beta.

Anyways, my point - it seems we try overlooking the shortcomings of shitty games just as much as we like to rain hate on hyped up blockbusters.

And, I include myself in this - which is the reason I'm trying to refrain from reading all the negative reviews.

CorndogBurglar1555d ago

Because its cool to bash popular things. Didn't you know? :)

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The story is too old to be commented.