Games With Gold... Are We Getting Value?

IM PLAYIN discusses Games with Gold and whether or not Xbox One gamers are getting value for the live subscription

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Dlacy13g1559d ago

Clearly the discussion thread for this will be filled with genuine offerings of perspective and un-bias thoughts on value. ;)

StanLee1559d ago

I never looked at Games with Gold as an entitlement. I pay for Gold as a service and knew exactly what I was getting for my money. That's my choice. I don't complain about the Games with Gold offerings. Some I'm more appreciative of than others. I hadn't played Dishonored since the game launched. Now I've had a chance to go back and experience the game in news ways. I'm not comparing Games with Gold to any other service. Like I said, I pay for Gold, that's my choice. I know what I'm paying for.

annoyedgamer1559d ago

All I will say is I got Sleeping Dogs for free last Fall and it was one of the best games I ever played.

Pogmathoin1559d ago

This getting free games is horrible. I hate this crap, we should choose and pay for the games.

TheWatercooler1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Not really. Unless 4 year old games are considered "value". PS+ has blockbuster games that are around 1 year old every month. July I played dead space 3, August Crysis 3.

Games with gold is terrible in comparison. It's just another way Microsoft has tried to rip off Sony. And just like everything else they have done it poorly.

Bizzare211559d ago

You lose the free games on PS3 as soon as the subscription is up. On the 360 you keep them.

CerealKiller1559d ago

I'm pretty sure Microsoft is changing their model to the subscription locked one like Sony.
Besides with PS+ why would you want to cancel your subscription with all the great games and value they offer?

LonDonE1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

No you dont lose the PS3 Plus games for good if your subscription is up, you just lose access to it, but once you subscribe again all the games you have downloaded previously from playstation plus are available on your download list again!

Plus the fact that on Plus you not only get games for PS3/PS4 you also get games for Vita not to mention the countless cross buy games! i think its awesome! getting games through playstation plus for pretty much every platform within the playstation eco system.

I subscribe to both PSN PLUS and Xbox Live Gold and to be honest i have enjoyed games like max the curse of brother hood, guacamelee stce, two brothers and strike suit zero! as i have enjoyed resogun, pixel junk shooter, contrast, outlast and towerfall.

I think the key thing is on xbox 360 most of the games are donkeys old while the PS3 games we get are pretty new.
And the way i look at it, anyone who like me owns a PS4 as well as a PS3 will always have playstation plus since its mandatory for PS4 online play! so the fact they let you keep the 360 games with gold is pretty much irrelevant since 99% of the games most of us core gamers own already since they are so old!
Where as the PS3 games plus gives are more recent.

Either way i think both services are great! and i enjoy both equally! I just cant wait till Sony starts to give us games like knack and killzone shadow fall etc, once the library increases over time both plus and games with gold will get better.

darthv721559d ago

How could there be 4 year old games for the XB1?

oh you meant for the 360. well at least you get to keep them if you choose not to renew your sub.

annoyedgamer1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

This is no way a critique of Sony, but Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 are not blockbuster games. They are not even good games.

Their are far better examples of good titles on PSN, Borderlands 2 for example. But we cannot neglect the fact that ending your PSN sub results in the loss of the games.

jukins1559d ago

You don't really lose them. Just access to them if you choose to resub you get them all back.

donthate1559d ago

Getting a bunch of essentially indie games on PS4 and to a lesser extent, but still similar type games on Xbox One, is hardly anything valuable to me.

Getting games like Need for Speed and BF4 on EA Access has been the biggest value for me so far. A lot of the games for GwG on Xbox 360 and PS+ on PS3 on the other hand has good value in both camps.

On current generation console though, EA Access trumps both and cost less!

ThanatosDMC1559d ago

Good luck trying to play those games online without PS+ or Live.

donthate1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )


I subscribe to both PS+ and XBLG so that is not an issue for me. Just pointing out where the real value is, despite people claiming it isn't and that value will probably increase significantly in the future!

I am glad I have access to EA Access, and hope Ubisoft and Activison follows.

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ImHyjack1559d ago

You get free games Um free 0 dollars so yeah I think both P$ and M$ players are just fine Fkn crybabies.

CerealKiller1559d ago

Last time I checked it was $60 a year on Xbox and $50 a year on Playstation.


Could be better on the xbone. Give me more discounts on good games.

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