New Mercedes-AMG GT Launches Exclusively in DRIVECLUB

By Volker Zaiss: "Hi, my name is Volker Zaiss and I work at Mercedes-Benz. What brings me here is the brand new Mercedes-AMG GT sports car, which I am proud to announce as the latest addition to the DRIVECLUB roster"

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Dee_911559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

yea very sexy, looks like sls amg and a 911 had a love child. fingers crossed that it will show up in gt6 soon..

ps4fanboy1559d ago

Can't wait for driveclub , hoping it blows me away.

rakentaja1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Depending if only graphics can blow you away or "look that rain in photo mode". Bouncing between the two walls probably can't help much in driving category.

pedrof931559d ago

As far the as it seems, the handling of the game is promising.

TheWatercooler1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Sigh. Why do xbox fanboys troll so much?

So track racers are a bad thing now eh? Xbox fanboys have short memories.

On topic. Driveclub looks spectacular. I can see the gameplay becoming very addictive with the social nature of it. And the visuals are near photo realistic

GarrusVakarian1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Oh...WOW, the salt is STRONG with this one! Dayum!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Evo is composed of ex PGR developers, and we all know how well PGR's handling system was. Plus, a few people who have already played the game over at NeoGAF have said that it handles great, like a heavier version of PGR.

So, yeah....better luck trolling next time.

I also love how you use examples of people playing the game poorly in off-screen videos as some sort of proof that the game itself handles poorly. Lol. There are so many jealous frauds in this community.

Bathyj1559d ago

Looks just as realistic as doing 100mph through a rough paddock in a Lamborghini without the car bottoming out or barely bouncing.

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rakentaja1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Why you think I'm jealous? Just quessing? I definitely want to read the reviews and look forward to comparisons with other racing games but in general, I just don't see future in closed d-games :)

DigitalRaptor1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

You might as well say, every action/shooter game must be open-world to have worth, and that you don't see future in linear action games, when they still as strong and loved as ever.

If all we have are open-world racers, then what happens when people desire closed-circuit racers and then don't get them? There's still tons of love for closed-circuit driving games, and only those with an agenda would suggest otherwise.

elazz1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

I prefer closed circuit racers but I can enjoy an open world a la burn out also from time to time. My favorite open world racer is still NFS Underground 2 and I think never a game reached that level of fun. I just hate it when people say they don't like anything unless it is open world.

Gohadouken1559d ago

It's always awesome see so many people suddenly turned racing sim specialist , or even better car damage and physics specialists , on the back of console rivalery and flagship titles VS , when they dont even seem to care about stuff like Project Cars as well :p

GodGinrai1559d ago

I agree. DC should be rated on its own merits as an arcade racer with modern social , sensibilities. I beleive it will teach Polyphony a thing or two. The game looks STUNNING too. Admittedly I am looking forward to FH2 and Project cars more but DC is definitely something worth picking up later down the road, along with the crew. Not like I was going to play four driving games this year in addition to all the other games coming out. some games can get bought in a few months time.

GodGinrai1559d ago

I was watching the live unveiling of the real thing on my tablet earlier. Feast your eyes on this beauty!...

I need this car, in my life!