PlayTM: LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Review

PlayTM writes: "Off the back of two massively successful Lego Star Wars games, LucasArts have cranked out the Indiana Jones version; and with a Lego Batman in the works you can probably see where the never ending torrent of possibilities is going. It seems that the kids can't get enough of Lego franchise games with their quirky humour, explosive scenery, reliable gameplay, and simple puzzles. The great appeal, of course, is that exploding Lego-blocks and Lego-men is the perfect way of creating an action packed game which is suitable for children of all ages regardless of what physically happens in the Lego world.

The game covers all three of the original films. Taking the form of episodes, they are unlocked after the first introductory mission of the game, and from then onwards all three are playable at any time. The episodes fairly accurately follow the plotlines of the original Hollywood hits. For example, The Lost Crusade begins by searching for the catacombs hidden beneath the library in Venice - of course Lego Indiana Jones keeps this as simple as possible.

In-between the actual game levels are re-enacted popular cut-scenes from the films showered with childish humour - but rather than talking normally the characters make slightly disturbing Mr. Bean-like grunting noises, and apparently kids find this endearing. The three episodes are fairly faithful to their inspiration, apart from a few probably unnecessary changes. For example LucasArts decided to remove all Nazi paraphernalia from The Last Crusade, it's unclear why given that the original family film made 20 years ago didn't feel the need to do this."

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