Don't Bust Your Load Too Early On Rushed Destiny Reviews

Bungie has requested people not judge their MMO action shooter from day one reviews, but that hasn't stopped a few sites judging the social interactive game as over-hyped, boring, with very little to do less than 24 hours into the game being out.

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ginalee5541556d ago

I think people are just having knee jerk reactions to the servers having just been switched on and not seeing anyone around.

edwardhuff6631556d ago

I remember bungie saying some levels are only accessible past a certain level cap, i think 18 if i remember correctly. A game that requires peoples participation, runs the risk of not getting too many takers on the first bite. Hence the marketing overdrive.If the games success is founded on people getting online to play, it might not even get off the ground based on some of the comments i have seen and read on here alone.

CramShaft1556d ago

Don't let N4G fool you. The ones that frequent this site are a tiny fraction of the gaming populous, very dedicated and very vocal. I went to gamestop last night to pick up the ps4 destiny bundle and the line literally wrapped around the entire strip mall. I think it will get off the ground just fine, my only concern is what kind of staying power will it have.

Palitera1556d ago

The discussion was about quality, not sales.

On the sales department it is very obvious that they're doing very well.

On the content department, though... Well, it seems like sales are all they thought about. Rivers of DLC ate needed to put some meat into this cow.

ITPython1556d ago

The overwhelming majority of negativity for Destiny here on N4G is from bitter xbots still ticked off at Bungie for not only going multiplat, but also aligning themselves with Sony instead of MS (advertising, exclusive content etc). So instead of playing the game like the rest of us, they come here in swarms to downplay it as much as they possibly can, knowing that many people may be on the fence and are watching the release day responses very closely.

Also keep in mind most of the trolls posting all the negativity don't even own the game. They are just trying to spread FUD to give the illusion that the game isn't good and that people aren't enjoying it. It's really pathetic.

Truth of the matter is that the game is absolutely amazing and 95% of the active players on my friends list are playing it. I haven't seen so many people playing the same game on my friends list since GTA5.

extermin8or1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

The games alright, severly lacking content atm and any levels past earth seem to have no one (im on the moon atm) the crucible's pretty fun but all the missions are the same in main story, go here kill this, go to next place, defend against waves of enemies whilst ghost hacks something,scans something etc... Only one mission has differed from that so far and I think there is a total of about 22 missions in main story and i've done 7 so... :/ ALOT of DLC is needed to get some content into this game but then I guess they knew that and that was kinda the whole point to make it into a dlc cash cow. Also it's such a cross gen title not a next gen title like advertised... I got ps3 version for upgrade I'm now finally after the cock up that occured playing ps4 version but the ps3 versions differences amount to a lower resolution, frame drops occasionally and lower draw distance etc. Otherwise the game is identical-there's greater difference between the last of us and the Last of us remastered than there is between PS3 destiny and PS4.... Atm from what I've played i'd give this a 7/10 it's fun but nothing ground breaking and a little bit repetitive but not in a really boring way. That might go up to an 8 I guess if it improves as I progress further but I can't see it going any higher than that. Any critical reviewer gives this game more than 8.5/10 which was the average for Killzone shadow fall I think and infamous and Titanfall. Then they are taking the piss. Oh and if you like games where it's all about the loot and getting better gear then you'll porbably enjoy the mechanics on this, like say diablo 3 it's one of the main cogs within the game to keep people playing-it does work fairly well tbh.

JD_Shadow1555d ago

Normally in MMO's, too, you need to take into account that until you hit the later levels, you're going to find that most things are boring. Most MMOs depend on things like the endgame to turn the tide. We all know how tedious the leveling can be to some in WoW (which is why they wanted to address it), yet it's the raiding and the endgame that many enjoyed from that game. Hard to judge a game that you need to play more than a few hours into to get a complete feel of what the game is.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1555d ago

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UltimateMaster1554d ago

Destiny is actually pretty good.

People that made poor reviews are outraged that the PS4 version got exclusive content or that it's not on PC.

Seriously? Get a life. You can look up those reviews that see that they're biased. 0 is when game is broken and doesn't work, it's not the case.

We get these kind of scores all the time, shouldn't we have learned by now not to believe any of that crap?

Like the amazon reviews for the Xbox One and PS4? Yeah, they aren't THAT terrible.

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lisamorgan41556d ago

I just tried looking for the site that wrote the first review and the article is no longer available. How very strange on its credibility.

miyamoto1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

These so called journalist also lambasted every PS3 exclusive last gen to generate hits.

They care for their bottom line more than being true to the gamer with in them and to the millions of gamers out there.

Destiny is no PS4 exclusive but it feels like its marketed by Activision as "best played on PS4" game like COD is "best played on 360" marketing.

Thank goodness for PS4's SHARE button, Twitch, YouTube play throughs gamers can see for themselves how the game plays and decide on what they see.

Sony is smarter this time around.

M$ media buyout advantage on corporate media websites like Kotaku, Eurogamer, Polygon, Digital Foundry is useless to them now.

About the game.
I am a TPS person but found the controls for Destiny to be really user friendly and easy to learn so I enjoyed the Beta so much. Also the RPG element is a big plus for me to keep on playing. The team work oriented game design made it so much fun.

joab7771556d ago

It's different than most fps fans are used to. Trust me. This game is legit...and there's a lot to come.

Also, why are ppl so quick to judge when there's more content already than most games have. Diablo 3 was a quick 4 acts, but it keeps ppl interested for yrs. CoD, Battlefield etc. Quick sp modes and ppl play 12 maps for a yr.

The endgame and raids which havnt even come out yet.

JeffGUNZ1555d ago


Bungie already has said the real fun begins at level 20. This isn't a COD where you run through the campaign. The campaign is to get you to level 20. Then you do raids, daily activites, iron banner, etc till you get exotic/rare/legendary gear and raise above the soft cap of 20.

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brettjones4941556d ago

I am honestly not even waiting for reviews. i think the author was spot on.

I was sold from the Beta, mine is on the way from amazon. I will make my own judgments then.

alvinmiller921556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Sorry but i disagree. Reviews to me are crucial to purchasing games that developers are asking us to spend $60 dollars a piece on.

Not everyone has that type of money to just flash in the pan and usually usually only invest in a game after reading several reviews from different sites to see if its worth getting.

DarkLord10031555d ago

I was like you - 7 years ago.
I don't trust reviews anymore. I buy the games I'm interested in. And if a game is out already and I'm not sure if I should buy it or not, I just watch let's plays on youtube

Bennibop1555d ago

I bought Metro Redux based on the reviews and have found it really boring! Am loving Destiny so far.

demonicale1555d ago

Then your a bit naive to rely on what someone else thinks of a game. Each person is different, also some websites/magazines give false ratings due to their own agenda's.

iSuperSaiyanGod1556d ago

right . i can't stand people who only buy on reviews . if you never try anything your self you'll never experience anything in life .

SouljAx3601555d ago

You'll also save money by avoiding bad games. I've bought games before based on demos and liking previous games from the developer. Resident Evil 6 for example, money into the fire there. A review isn't a number/score/grade, a review tells you what to expect in the game, and you can decide if it's something you're interested in from there.

amyortega1311556d ago

Peoples reactions are expected, especially with some thats new. There has been so much hype behind this game, and now people are saying the whole story takes about 10 hours.

patelsanjeed1556d ago

10 hours! What are they robots lol. It took me 30 hours in the beta alone exploring one planet.

-Foxtrot1556d ago

There's nothing really to explore though. Outside following the mission paths you can only find chests or dead Ghosts, there's not much else. Not many secrets or Easter eggs to find. Plus because the enemies spawn so quick you always end up running into them so you get distracted.

extermin8or1555d ago

Foxtrot is right the enemies spawn so quickly to distract you and make it feel like there's more than there actually is I think. The games world has very little substance to it tbh, it's fun but content is lacking just as I feared after the beta.

danniellelewis1556d ago

The Destiny Hype train might be its undoing.

henrythomas2841556d ago

People talking of overhype this and over hype that probably never played the beta, i got mine yesterday and yeah it was a little empty, but a few of my friends are all getting their this weekend so we are going to put it through its paces then.

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