Freaking Meatbags Preview | GIZORAMA

John Wyma, GIZORAMA - "If you’ve ever had to argue the worth of videogames to someone who just doesn’t see their purpose, chances are at some point you suggested certain games are great at teaching strategy and problem-solving. This argument is my bread and butter, and I can tell you here and now that I learned more from Age of Empires II and Flash Element TD than I did from Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War. I would even go so far as to argue that’s the entire point of tower defense (TD) games, to teach strategy to an otherwise brute force teenager (I smell a conspiracy…or a teenager). Whatever the reason, these types of games have recently hit the market strong and in number, and among those stands tall a wittily sardonic RTS that pulls at my all-too-fleshy heartstrings: Wild Factor’s Freaking Meatbags."

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