GoodGameBro l NHL 15 Review

GoodGameBro writes, "As most gamers were counting down the days until the releases of the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One last November, fans of the EA SPORTS NHL franchise knew that their wait for next-generation hockey was going to be even longer. I count myself among those hockey-crazed masses, having played the sport as a child and into my teenage years and also playing EA SPORTS’ offerings since the first releases over 20 years ago.

The company opted against developing a title for the new consoles last fall, increasing the expectations on this year’s NHL 15, which marks the critically-acclaimed franchise’s debut on the newest home consoles. Though the game boasts significantly improved graphics and presentation, the trade-off has been that a number of fan favorite modes—and elements of some other mainstay modes—did not catch the team bus on the way to the new game. Can the on-ice product offset disappointment regarding the game modes on-disc?"

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