Battlefield 4: Final Assault Revealed In New Trailer

Check out the official announcement trailer of Battlefield 4’s fifth and final DLC “Final Assault”. Battlefield Premium members get 2 weeks early access to the DLC. No release date has been announced. For more information on the DLC click here.


Correction: Title Should Be Battlefield 4: Final Stand.

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ardivt1534d ago

dice did it again! finally time to buy bf 4s premium

Skate-AK1533d ago

I got it for $35 on a PSN sale. Was a pretty good deal.

3-4-51533d ago

Yea I have Destiny now....goodbye BF4.

koolaid2511533d ago

Destiny is only 6 vs 6 while bf4 is 32 vs 32 more action in Bf4.

ardivt1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

destiny is definitely a good game but I hate it when a game is farming only. diablo III (and II) were also good games but for me games need to provide more endgame than the simple search for loot.
even bf4 has some kind of lootsystem yet the 64 people gameplay and the vehicles are what makes it so special

iNFAMOUZ11533d ago

lame, the last map was the only decent one cause it looked like it was night time

Nekroo911533d ago

have you played them?! No, so please shut up.

You'll have the chance to test them, this week, one map per day

Aleithian1533d ago


Misterhon1533d ago

Battlefield 4: Final Assault? Nice research! Cool vid though..

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The story is too old to be commented.