‘NHL 15’ Review: Great, but lacking in content - Examiner

The NHL series has shut out its opponents for a half decade, thanks to an innovative skill stick feature and amazing graphics that left its only competition, the old “NHL 2K” series, in the dust a long-time ago.

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Pikminmaniac1557d ago

I played the demo today on the Ps4. First time playing a hockey game. I must say that I will probably be picking up this game in the coming months. It had welcoming controls so I picked up the basics fast. Good graphics, realistic gameplay (as in stick movement and players don't just speed around the rink, they actually slow down to turn) and it was very exciting scoring a goal! Controlling the goalie and stopping the puck was rather difficult, but its because of my first time "noobness." The only complaint I have is the puck looks like it sometimes goes through the goalie and into the net. Can't wait to play full length games instead of six minute games!