Sony to cease PSN support for PSP on September 15

Sony has today announced that it is to cease PSN support for the original PSP as of September 15.

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Paprika1555d ago

This sucks, will you be able to play PSP games you bought off psn before? This is a fear console owners should have for the future too, assuming you can't play digital games after.... I hope you can!

Oschino19071555d ago

Read the article. Hint, you can still play all your games.

Paprika1555d ago

My browser on my phone wouldn't load it... :(

miyamoto1555d ago

PSP has outlived the DS and the original 3DS.

10 years plus!

That is living proof on how Sony supports their platform in the long run.

Playing Xenogears on my PSP right now and its one of the greatest rpg experience I have even to this day.
Nothing can top it for me because JRPG+MECHA= Awesomeness on PSP!

I just downloaded it as a suggestion by Alpha Omega Sin.

Could be my last PSP PSN purchase but this game will go a long long way.

PSP is truly a hardcore gamer's die hard machine.

Magicite1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

So PSP is officially dead? Greatest handheld of all times.
Its been a good, long run, well deserved, mate!

3-4-51555d ago


I think I'll get LoH:Trails FC & SC on Vita then.

I'm playing through LoH 1-3 right now, and was going to get them all on psp, but that isn't happening I guess.

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user3672721555d ago

I had the original PSP. Great system and it has some great and unique games on it. Hope Sony don't do that for the VITA anytime soon.

2pacalypsenow1555d ago

Psp came out in 2004 the Vita came out in 2012 you figure it out

Paprika1555d ago

PSP was fantastic and had great support, vita hasn't had the best support. You reckon vita will hold a legacy like PSP?

dcj05241555d ago

@paprika probably better with so many games already.

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The story is too old to be commented.