Interview: D3P - Finding its Niche

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "D3Publisher of America's COO talks candidly about the company's attempts to launch new IP.

Q: In Japan, D3 is known for the "Simple" series of PS2 games. Why did these games not appear in the US, especially once the PS2 became a mass-market machine?

Yoji Takenaka: My focus for our western operation of D3Publisher is establishing a videogame publisher that has a diversified portfolio with good entertainment values. We are not ignoring those Japanese games because they are creative and idea-oriented.

We have been and we are still currently selecting games from our Japanese libraries. Those games have to make sense to us in these markets we are supporting - talking about US and Europe, and probably the worldwide market outside of Japan. The games have to be in line with our current strategy.

You will see some games in the future, and you have seen some games like The Adventures of Darwin, for instance, for PlayStation 2. It's a small game that I played and liked and we tried. Or Earth Defense Force 2017, on the 360, we had good success. Great first step into the market."

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