Midway: 'Expectations are high for Wheelman'

Vin Diesel's The Wheelman is screeching onto PC, 360 and PS3 this autumn, and it's the game that Midway believes will help the firm improve its sales performance in Europe.

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LiquifiedArt3836d ago


Who is actually following "WHEEL MAN."

I mean come on guys. Stop pretending.

butterfinger3836d ago

my expectations aren't high for this game, but it would be nice if it surprised me.

DrWan3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Do I play as one of my paraplegic patient on wheelchair? That would be an awesome game to experience the life of a paraplegic, the weapon would be a guide dog and the wheelchair upgrade will go from manual one to a electric one.

Now we are talking about original IPs.

I think it will get more patients who has lost their hopes to play videogames, I have high expectation for wheelman!

Polluted3836d ago

There was an indie game released that featured a paraplegic main character. It was sort of like Tomb Raider in a wheelchair. Unfortunately they didn't include an attack seeing eye dog or nitrous wheelchair boosters or anything.

Daver3836d ago

I think Midway is not in a good situation, they put way too much expectations on games that are just "meh"

I think they are gonna be in trouble soon enough, they are spending too much money on games that dosnt deserve it. (area 51, strangold, wheelman and MK VS DC)

They shoud have made a brand new MK game with new things and chars not a versus one with DC

pwnsause3836d ago

sad thing is all those games you mentioned run on unreal engine.

barom3836d ago

lol it's not like they have much better choices. Honestly though Stranglehold was pretty good (not day 1 purchase good, but 20-30$ worth of fun). It did sell 1 million (this was before PS3 version came out). Also business wise, I think the MK vs DC is a wise choice. It might not be that great and all but it'll probably sell a lot of copies.

The Wheelman looks kinda bad though. But 1up said they had low expectations and that they were quite surprised by how good it was. Plus Tigon Studios is involved (Riddick game) so it can't be a total flop.

MK_Red3836d ago

True. Midway should put it's money on a real next-gen MK game that's M rated and has fatalities and at least should try to capture some of MK2's greatness not go with a T rated stupid MK vs DC :(

RiseOfMonster3836d ago

This is the first time I've even heard of this game.

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