Analysis: XBLA, PSN, Wii Download Services Seeing Release Slowdown

As part of an in-depth Gamasutra analysis of the state of the console digital download market, research has revealed that all three consoles are releasing reduced amounts of content for the first half of 2008 compared to previous time periods.

According to the Matt Matthews-conducted analysis, which looks PSN, Xbox Live Arcade and WiiWare numbers since launch, the PlayStation Network exhibits the most obvious of these trends - at least for PS3-specific titles:

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Silogon3833d ago

Sony is slowing everything, not just PSN. They're killing off all their games. Theydeserve to lose and be run out of business. All there is to it.

butterfinger3833d ago

Why don't you cry about it some more. Damn.

Wildarmsjecht3833d ago

Take one. or a Dozen. You seem to have this "I know everything and everyone should follow my method kind of mentality."
No you don't. I'd hate to see you ever owning any business. Stop sipping that haterade and go play some games. Maybe some Boktai, then you can see the sun for a change instead of jumping on everything and making it a huge hoopla for nothing.

pwnsause3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

if you think about it, they are starting to get me angry as well, theres a huge library of PS1 games; shouldnt they add them to the PS store at least one or two titles a week? i mean come on. dont they want my money? rofl

PSWe603833d ago

stop being a b!tch, you sound like a PUTO Bot,

@1.4 agreed, Sony has an incredible PSOne game library and they're just sitting on them. Com'on Sony, kick it into high gear.

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Pornlord3833d ago

I expected a slowdown but cutting 2/3 of the PS1 games they are putting on there is pretty bad. Can't complain too much because we just got Syphon Filter 3, but still 4 titles in the last 6 months is rough. It may take time and R&D to create something original, but most of their PS3 titles came in part from older systems anyway (warhawk, Stardust)

Nevers3833d ago

...and every week for a very long time I've played the demo portion and turned down what they've offered. Been pretty piss poor selection as of late... or at least the games just don't appeal to me. Lots of really good full games being released this summer anyhow.

Clinton5143833d ago

On the PSN and XBL. For one I'm not impressed with ANY Xbox originals seeing that I already own two titles that I might have been interested on the PS2. And if I did need some of those titles, I can save myself a little cash and pick up those games in a store for $10.

PS Store, tired of seeing PS1 games. If they're going to release some, how about releasing some of the more rear titles. I believe Capcom will be doing so with some of their games, which once again I commend them on.