Take Two's Response to EA's Fourth Extenstion

Earlier EA extended their Tender offer to stockholders, now Take Two's Board of Directors response to the newest extenstion

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Drakol3715d ago

.. seeing how "power hungry" EA still is. They won't give up until they see a non-repairable drop in sales for most, if not all, of their products. There will still be those smaller indie companies EA can suck out dry =P

whoelse3715d ago

Man, will they ever give up. These deadlines mean nothing now.

OOG3715d ago

so I guess take two may survive for a lil longer because of GTA but I doubt that it will be standing in a year

Enigma_20993715d ago

... bleed them for everything they have, T2...

Wacked3714d ago


Thanks for catching that, dont know how I missed it