Rumor: Heavenly Sword 2 Axed, Ninja Theory Moving

Chalk this up as pure rumor for now.
An inside UK source tells Kotaku that Heavenly Sword 2 has been canned by Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe. The game was axed after months in development because it is no longer seen as commercially viable, Kotaku source tells them.

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Bladestar3834d ago

mmm... this would break lots of loyal fans hearts...

"I'm told that the development studio, which once had offices in the same building as Sony Cambridge, have started packing up to move to a new location.

I guess when they said they wanted to move away from Sony and get into multi-platform development they weren't kidding."

it must feel bad putting all your eggs into one basket when you can go multiplatform or better yet develop for the console where you are guaranteed to make profits and stand on your own feet.

Isaac3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

"or better yet develop for the console where you are guaranteed to make profits and stand on your own feet. "

If you mean 360, then nice trolling, fanboy. Nintendo Wii is the one with most install base and yet it is not the one that makes you profit the most. Exclusives on PS3 have been proven to sell better than exclusives on other systems. And if you are talking about 360 having a high attach rate, then you fail.

Attach rates are poor predictors of game sales, as evidenced by GTA4 (which, by your logic, should have outsold the PS3 version 4 to 1 if not more), DMC4 (nearly equal sales), Virtua Fighter 5 (selling 4:1 in favor of PS3), Assassins Creed and Call of Duty 4 (both of which sold on similar ratios to the ratio of console solds).

The reason 360 has such a high attach rate can be attributed to it coming out early in the "next-gen" console cycle, to it launching most of its killer games early, to it having so many games that appeal to the same demographic (lost planet, gears of war, Halo 3, Ghost Recon 1 and 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2, Prey, Darkness, Perfect Dark Zero, Jericho, Timeshift... see a pattern? even Oblivion plays and feels like an FPS, but with Magic and no guns; which is why Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and many other japanese games like Ace Combat 6, Eternal Sonata, failed on it; does anyone have high hopes for Infinite Undiscovery, Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean 4? I do not. How did Culdcept Saga do? Is it even out yet?)

Of course, it also has a high attach rates due to achievements, leading piss poor games like Open Season and Ratatouille to sell beyond what they deserve to because of easy achievements. And also, for those hardcore gamers that own a PS3 and a 360, they have bought many 360 multiplatform games (especially the ones that are not AAA), since developers did such a fine job with such sh1tty ports.

Anyway, as evidenced by Electronic Arts, Sony is the way to go, not Microsoft, since PS3, despite having a comparatively lower install base than 360 in the west, made them in revenue way more, in spite of the sh1tty madden ports. Considering how PS3 is outselling 360 in nearly every country where they are available now, it is a safe bet, at least for the biggest publisher in the world, to support PS3 over 360. Others will probably follow suit, because in the end, the PS3 is a wild beast that needs to be tamed, and programming for its hardware architecture yields better results (and therefore, sales, see COD4) on both platforms.

Anyway, Ninja Theorys Heavenly Sword failed because they focused on making it more a 6 hour movie than a 20 hour game, and of course, it came early into PS3s life, not because it was on the wrong platform (remember how PS3 exclusives sell better comparatively as exclusives on other platforms?).

Most people rented HS because they knew it could be finished in a day. Anyhow, I wonder how Ninja Theory would have developed a 25GB game like Heavenly Sword on 360s DVD9? Only in your delusional fanboy mind it could have been possible. My bet is that my words are falling on deaf ears, so maybe I should just put you on ignore.


Why did I lose a bubble? I am not lying or trolling like the guy above me which happens to have 6 bubbles. I bet he has tons of accounts that give him bubbles and give others less bubbles. Nice, I have tons of agrees and yet somehow the mods chose to listen to those that gave me minus bubbles instead of the FANBOY above me.

LJWooly3834d ago

Oh dear, first comment, and we've already got an overwhelming degree of douchebaggery going. Shame.

WIIIS13834d ago

Douchebaggery? As in the use of your kind abusive vocabulary from a very limited repertoire? Explain why else HS did not sell well and HS2 has been axed.

Drekken3834d ago

Isaac, you lost a bubble because you spoke in favor of the PS3. The community can scream all they want about PS3 fans being a majority of this site (WHICH might be true) but there are certain people who troll this site deducting bubbles on multiple accounts. This site cant be taken seriously as far as comments and bubbles until there is a limit on accounts. What is the point of bubbles if you get an idiot to 1 bubble and he can just create a new account???

Anyways... too bad about HS2, I enjoyed the first one and this the 2nd would of sold well if they didnt make the first 6hrs. A 6hr single player game is a rental anyway you look at it.

It is hard enough to sell a game without single player now-a-days... but to make it less then 10 hrs, noone in their right mind will buy it!

segasage3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

"as evidenced by Electronic Arts, Sony is the way to go, not Microsoft,"

as evidence your a fanboy..looser and delusional again

i'm so glad fanboys are not the ones that make business decisions for developers.

all evidence points to the console with the biggest share has a better potential to sell your product.

Bladestar3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

"Exclusives on PS3 have been proven to sell better than exclusives on other systems. " with comments like that you don't expect to lose bubbles or expect people to take you seriously? Can you give me an example of PS3 exclusives that sell better than exclusive on the xbox 360? The best selling PS3 game is multiplatform GTA4 and is sold more on the xbox 360... did you know that? Name a PS3 game that sold more than Gears of war, Halo 3, Forza 2 just to name a few?

That's the problem with some of you leg humpers... you don't collect your facts before saying stuff that aren't true... and even worst you believe it...

I can name a bunch of PS3 exclusives that flopped in terms of sells... Haze, Lair.. even heavenly sword sold only a little over 1 million.

forget giving you more example.. here is a list of the best selling games...

I know is vgchartz but is the best we got in terms of total numbers... can you find the first PS3 exclusive game in that list?

Try not to miss Halo 3 and Gears which are miles on top of any PS3 exclusive games...

Get your facts straight kid.. otherwise you are trolling.

LJWooly3834d ago

Halo 3 was on TV every hour, on bottles of bloody Mountain Dew, billboards, etc. and I think we can all stop fooling ourselves in regards to the fact it is vastly overhyped and overrated.

Metal Gear Solid reached the top of Amazon pre-orders, even taking Wii Fit over, and allegedly crashed the site, without so much as a few TV adverts. I believe they started showing ads in the UK after the game came out, and how on earth could you expect to see a substantial difference one week in anyway, ad campaign or not?

Also, as some have already reasoned, the title is misleading, you can see MGS4 sales spike up somewhere during GT5 Prologue's release, with GTA4 and MGS4 keeping up that trend.

I honestly think that you've allowed your fanboyism to skewer your perception, Bladestar.

Mu5afir3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )
Exclusives on the PS3 sell 45% better then on other platforms.

As for GTA4, the Ps3 has a better attach rate to the game. Keep in mind, both systems don't have the same install base.. so it would be "IDIOTIC" to assume that they should both be selling the same amount of copies.

Look at the install base, of the Ps3 / X360 before looking at copies sold. Anyways.. the first link is proof enough that the PS3 has a better attach rate to exclusives then other systems.

NightVyper3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I own the game and got tired of just mashing buttons, this game was a craptastic version of god of war and I am glad it is gone.

Isaac3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Bladestar, you just got owned, PS3 exclusives sell "45% better". Sorry for your disappointment, son.

And Segasage, why am I the fanboy? Did you see the break up of EAs revenue? PS3 sold more software for them. By saying "Sony is the way to go", I am saying PS3 should be the lead platform, since it makes more money for them, especially when games are not ports. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but that is the truth, fanboy. That is why the Madden conference is gonna be exclusive for PS3, since it is their best bet now, especially since they will now bother making a better game than last year. But of course, as the true Sega fanboy "segasage" must be, it is better to call someone a "looser" than to come up with something intelligent to say. Props to you, boy.

And Drekken, I did not speak in favor of PS3, I only spoke the truth in that EA made sh1t ports, that PS3 sells more software for them, and that not all multiplatform titles sell better on 360, but fanboys like Segasage and Bladestar can not take it.

"all evidence points to the console with the biggest share has a better potential to sell your product"

Wrong, fanboy. Wii has the biggest share, and yet, on its top 50, close to half of the games are Nintendos, which means 3rd party developers do poorly on it. On its top 8, all are Nintendo titles, i.e. the top 10 has only the bottom two as third parties, one of them has mario on it (Mario and Sonic), and the other is multiplatform and casual (guitar hero).

Most of the third party games that sell on Wii are casual titles, so if EA or any other third party wants to make a game for the core gamer, Wii is not the first choice, so it is either PS3 or 360. As evidenced by Mu5afir, exclusives do better on PS3. Furthermore, high attach rates, contrary to Bladestar and Segasages belief, are a terrible predictor for sales, as evidenced by the sales of AAA 3rd party titles (as I said above). And since terrible ports sell like crap on PS3, and 3rd parties look for the most profit, it only makes sense to make both versions right and developing with the PS3 architecture in mind (since it has split, not unified memory). That will improve both versions, and it is a win win for everyone.

As usual, fanboys like Segasage and Bladestar get owned because they do not do their proper research, lack reading coprehension skills, or can not even bother to reply to valid arguments, instead grasping for straw man arguments while not even getting the point.



"But he has just made a simple interpretive error."

No I did not. It has been better to go exclusive if you wanna sell on PS3 than multiplatform. And as I said, that is probably because of the sh1tty ports PS3 has been getting, not because PS3 owners want more the exclusives than the multiplatforms. Which is why it is better for EA to start development on PS3, especially since it is their biggest source of revenue among next-gen consoles in spite of the smaller (yet growing) install base.

It seems that whoever misinterpreted my argument where others, not me misinterpreting the numbers. Perhaps I didnt explicate myself correctly.

"As you rightly point out the software sales for the 360 far outstrip the PS3 and in the most recent pre MGS4 sales data this is confirmed."

Uh, no. He mentioned Gears and Halo. 360 seems to have a very high attach rate, but as I pointed out, it fails as an accurate predictor of sales. The reason 360 has a high install base is the amount of games made for the same demographic, of the same genre, and of course, because the audience is hardcore. However, when you compare AAA multiplatform titles, they usually have similar attach rates. GTA4 360 is outselling 2:1 GTA4 PS3 in America, duh, but that is because of install base. Bladestar usually mentions the "attach rate argumetn", but if it was true, then the results should be 4:1, not 2:1. As you pointed out, in Europe the results are different.

So yeah, when bladestar trolls saying: "better yet develop for the console where you are guaranteed to make profits and stand on your own feet.", he is wrong in many levels, as I just pointed out and proved.

Superfragilistic3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Bladestar there's no need to be condescending in your arguments, it only makes you look like the kids in the open zone. :)

Having said that your point directly above is correct. The claim that Isacc refers to can be found here:

But he has just made a simple interpretive error. The quoted analyst states

"A title that is exclusive to PS3 will sell 45% better on the system than a multiplatform title. Exclusives on both the Wii and Xbox 360, according to the analyst, only have a "small increase" over multiplatform titles."

The analyst is talking about the sales of exclusives compared to multiplatform titles on the PS3, and not compared to other consoles. The second sentence makes perfect sense given that multis sell much higher volumes on the 360 (eg 2:1 for GTAIV) and thus the percentage increase on exclusives compared to multis is logically less. For example if a multi sells 10 copies on PS3 but 20 copies on 360, and then an exclusive sells 15 copies on PS3 (50% extra), the 360 would have to sell 30 copies of an exclusive to obtain a similar increase of 50% that the analyst refers to, and yet it would sell 100% more than a PS3 exclusive.

As you rightly point out the software sales for the 360 far outstrip the PS3 and in the most recent pre MGS4 sales data this is confirmed.

You'll notice that software sales are on a 2:1 ratio in favour of the 360, or almost 600K in raw numbers, and even outstrip the larger install base of the Wii by almost 120K.

Europe & others:
There is a 50K advantage to the PS3 which is marginal at best when you consider the other markets.


Bladestar whilst your argument about software sales is correct and backed by significant empirical data, your manner is that of an absolute condescending and arrogant twat much like those leg humpers you're always pointing at. Tone it down a bit and people might take you a lot more seriously and look at the content of your arguments rather than their tone.

Peace. :)

EDIT @Isacc

I'm certainly not disagreeing with your entire argument and I agree wholeheartedly on your attach rate arguments and the reasons that exclusives sell better than multis in regards to the PS3 on its own.

But you stated in 1.1

"Exclusives on PS3 have been proven to sell better than exclusives on other systems."

This is not correct. I was merely pointing out that that was not the case and was a misinterpretation of the aforementioned analysts remarks which were:

"A title that is exclusive to PS3 will sell 45% better ON THE SYSTEM than a multiplatform title"

That was all. :)

CrazedFiend3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Let's see...

No Afrika...check.
No Getaway...check.
No Eight Days...check.
No Heavenly Sword 2...check.

Um...Is Sony Europe even releasing games anymore?

Better question: Is Sony Europe actually being paid by Microsoft???

Whether they were needed or not, these were 4 HIGHLY anticipated games cancelled in about a week! All for their "new direction". I think those Europe guys are making some BAD decisions.

What else are they thinking about cancelling? (Metal Gear DID get released in Europe...right?)

juuken3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

...And that comment made no sense whatsoever.
Wow, count on ONE person to start bashing the PS3 already the minute they stumbled across this article.

No need for me to comment any further because you were owned pretty badly.

edit: Isaac, I gave you a bubble.

tordavis3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

"Anyway, as evidenced by Electronic Arts, Sony is the way to go, not Microsoft, since PS3, despite having a comparatively lower install base than 360 in the west, made them in revenue way more, in spite of the sh1tty madden ports. Considering how PS3 is outselling 360 in nearly every country where they are available now, it is a safe bet, at least for the biggest publisher in the world, to support PS3 over 360. Others will probably follow suit, because in the end, the PS3 is a wild beast that needs to be tamed, and programming for its hardware architecture yields better results (and therefore, sales, see COD4) on both platforms."

You lost a bubble because you are a tool. I almost thought you were making some good points until I read the rest of what you typed.

Just because EA made more money from the PS3, doesn't mean they are going to give up on 360 development.

EA is not a major part of the whole equation. They are but a small part. They don't control the industry.

No matter how you look at it, PS3 is still in third. Even when they pass the 360 and become second, what does that really mean? It's a 3 console race. There's a boatload of money to be made on both the 360 and PS3 and EA isn't going to just drop them.

Your ideology is skewed my friend. If I was a 3rd party developer I would make sure that my games were released on both the 360 and the PS3, day and date and both games developed to use the full potential of each system.

On Heavenly Sword...

Please stop saying Heavenly Sword was bad because it was short. It is the most beautiful game I have played in years and still one of the best 3D action games available for the PS3. Every time I play it through it's like watching a major motion picture. This was done BEFORE MGS4.

Isaac3834d ago

I never said EA will give up 360, I said PS3 should be the lead platform since it makes more money for EA, and also since it would not hurt 360, because 360 is a lot easier to program ports for, so I support exactly what you said: Multiplatform, but starting on PS3. Is that an ideology? No, that only makes sense as it benefits everyone.

I also never said heavenly sword sucks, I simply said it was short which is why it was met with less sales than expected, I know it is a beautiful game, that is why I called it great at making movies (who said MGS4 did it first? Heavenly Sword was not first anyway, and it doesn't matter, it is still great); I do expect God of War 3 to be better though.

Don't be a jackass, stop misinterpreting my points.

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paul_war3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Nariko & Kye you will be missed.

No more 'twing-twang'

LastDance3834d ago

So pretty much sony are just axing anything single player orientated....that new guy can suck a fat one. I never thought id think about looking else where for my games wtf!!!

coolfool3834d ago

I sincerely hope that that is not true. It would be a mistake for Sony to do that but the signs do indicate that you may be right......

Heaven_Or_Hell3834d ago

How many copies Heavenly Sword were sold thus far ?

PirateThom3834d ago

I think it's at over 1,000,000.

It was released way too early into the PS3s life, to be honest.

paul_war3834d ago

@ PirateThom

No it wasn't ... we needed games, tbh there wasn't a great deal out then

PirateThom3834d ago

I mean for it to be profitable, it came at a good time needing games, but there was no chance it was going to turn a profit at that point.

Heaven_Or_Hell3834d ago

It's a shame to waste a license which had the potential to become a new icon for the Playstation brand.
I am sure that the potential sequel would have been better...

PirateThom3834d ago

Meh, I think with God of War III on the way (unless they cancel that as well), there's really no need for two big name hack 'n' slash games.

Superfragilistic3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

See here

As for Heavenly Sword 2 being canned. Too bad I guess although it really wasn't a AAA game like MGS4 or Uncharted.

I just want to see Ninja Theory do another film spoof smash bros game like Kung Fu Chaos. That really was an underrated party gem, but sunk cause MS didn't get it or support it, poor buggers seem to have got the same treatment with Sony!

Heaven_Or_Hell3834d ago

We had already the info that if an Heavenly Sword 2 was being developed, it will not be done by the Ninja Theory Team but by Sony Cambodge...
Sony own the I.P, and they could do anything with it, they decided to stop it...

JoelR3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

well over a million

"The Big One Million Competition! "

"Ninja Theory would like to thank all of its fans for helping Heavenly Sword surpass 1 million sales!
To mark this special occaision, we'd like to launch a rather special competition.
We were really stoked by Lightning and Tomski's videos of the recent escapades showing their devotion to Heavenly Sword - and we want to see the rest of you doing the same!
Show us YOUR devotion to Heavenly Sword (video format preferred!).
It can be anything you want - if Cosplay is your thing, then get dressed up - arty types get drawing, those that can sing - get those lyrics perfected.
As the prize is something a bit special for true HS fans, we're going to really hope you go the extra mile for this one, as it really is a one-time offer.
Bonus points for maximum public exposure and group efforts here!
Stick your video on YouTube, link it in the Ninja Chat thread, and we'll select the best entry on the 20th June 2008 and send the prize out to the winner.
Oh, you wanna know what the prize is?
At the end of production of Heavenly Sword, we had some T-shirts commissioned. These shirts were given out to the team and have never been given to non-Ninja's, so the only people in the world wearing these shirts are either members of the Ninja Theory team (or the winner of this competition)."

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Silogon3834d ago

What in the hell is wrong with Sony? Acing another game? What the hell are they going to give us? What the hell do they have planned for us after they get their garbage ass Motorstorm out the door, or is that axed too? Heavenly Sword sold over 1 million units, is that no longer viable now?

What a joke! Sony is dead in their tracks. they care too much about casual games and copying wii's junk ass remote.

muddygamesite3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

i'm an action adventure fan. I bought the PS3 because i believed the system could bring me those type of games. As soon as i confirm HS2 has been axed, and i see sony bringing out more casual rubbish Wii type games, then i will sell my ps3 and Buy an Xbox360. Anyone thinking the industry should be heading the direction of the Wii is a BIG F00L!

I cant wait for the day casual games will be the norm and all hardcore games wont exist unless they have boring online multiplayer that is unnecessary. I want to see all the pretend-to-be "gamers" live with that. I want to see what all these F00LS who denounce single player in the name of multiplayer.

Single player is the roots of gaming. Dont forget your roots.

butterfinger3834d ago

unfortunately buying a 360 wouldn't solve your problems seeings as it's been known for even longer that Microsoft is developing another wiimote clone. Also, take a look at the casual games coming out for the consoles this year versus the hardcore. It's about even.

Veryangryxbot3834d ago

The original Heavenly sword did not even sell 700k copies. Sequals to games like these, shouldnt be made.

Pain3834d ago

all the Xbox F.U.D is what Really killed Heavenly Sword e.g OMG its under 10 hour!!!! (*cough Gears *) WTF blu ray for that! bla bla bla ...then in turn masses disliked it and its history .

so its no wonder they killed it off.

and befor putting foot in mouth it is a so called "Rumor" but in the end if u have something to play how cares.

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SIX3834d ago

HS was an amazing game and never received the recognition it deserved. I know this is just a rumor, but if it's true. Bad move on Sony. Best of luck to this amazingly talented team.

JoelR3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

HS2 was never planned to be developed by NT so the question about how good of a sequel it would have been if it really existed remains...If it was bad - I say can it before it can hurt the IP.