GameFly used games sale features stellar deal on DMC4, more

PS3 Fanboy: "GameFly's used games sale has some pretty enticing deals on PS3 games. Of most note is its sale price on Devil May Cry 4 -- only $20 when bought used! These games include free shipping and are guaranteed to work. The price on Unreal Tournament is an eye-opener as well.

* Devil May Cry 4 - $19.99
* The Club - $19.99
* Jericho - $19.99
* Lost: Via Domus - $17.99
* Unreal Tournament III - $17.99

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wolfehound223835d ago

Gamefly is awesome. I've played so many games that I probably would of never played since I can only afford the really good games.

rucky3835d ago

Thanks wolfe. I was actually looking for a good reason to make an account just to get DMC4. Sometimes the best answers are the simple ones.

wolfehound223835d ago

No problem it's a great service and since I have a PS3, PSP and Wii there always plenty of games to rent. Especially the older games that were decent but I won't go buy. Plus every 3 montes you get a $5 coupon if you want to buy games and u get 5 - 10 percent off depending how long you have been with them.