Can Hardware-Driving Software Still Drive Hardware?

In his latest Gamasutra-exclusive NPD analysis following the release of May's game sales figures, EEDAR's director of analytical services Jesse Divnich says that GTA IV's failure to significantly increase console sales points to a more pervasive issue: the prohibitive cost of entry for mass-market consumers.

The issue expands upon Divnich's previous article in this month's series, which examined whether hardware price cuts were due for Xbox 360 and PS3 in light of sluggish post-GTA hardware sales.

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Genesis53833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Not all titles can. But apparently MGS4 can. I would imagine that FF XIII will help too. But a price cut would move the most hardware.

Jack Meahoffer3833d ago

Well if its "hardware-driving software" then wouldn't it HAVE to drive hardware otherwise it wouldn't be "hardware-driving software" it would be just "software".

Joking but I'd have to say yes absolutely. Big exclusives like MGS4 and Gears of War absolutely drive hardware sales but price drops have a much bigger impact. "Hardware-driving software" does more to push people to one console or another than simply going out and buying a console because a new game came out. Exclusives to me are like points that people weigh when picking the console to buy if they can only afford one.

I think this is another example of an analyst thinking too much. GTA IV was multiplatform and the economy isn't the greatest anywhere in the world. The console industry has grown. People that like GTA IV probably already have a console. The people waiting on the fence are probably more interested in console price than "Oh my god I have to play that came on day one". There will be quite a few people that pick up a console during the holidays to play a game that came out months earlier whether its GTA IV or MSG4. To look at one month of hardware sales and say "Welp GTA IV didn't have an impact" is pretty short sighted. Great software titles have long term impact. Look at COD4.

MGS4 is an awesome game and I expect it to have an impact on the PS3's hardware sales in June but will it have a massive impact? I doubt it because again most people that are hardcore into MSG4 probably already bought a PS3. That being said the added cost value with the MSG4 bundle would have more impact IMO than the game itself. Getting the console, DS3 and the biggest PS3 release all in one box is pretty darn attractive. I know a few hardcore 360 fans that are looking at it because its such a great value.

JoelR3833d ago

700% increase in PS3 sales in Japan corresponding to the release date of MGS4 (77k vs 10k)... seems to prove the concept that software can indeed push hardware sales.

(something I actually have argued against this generation - appears I need to change my beliefs)

JoelR3833d ago

I really do wonder how you disagree with a fact?

BrotherNick3833d ago

I need my 250 dollar ps3, then maybe I'll buy.

PimpHandHappy3833d ago

was 200 bucks with these games (MGS or GTA) release it would sell more then the Wii!

When both systems hit 300 bucks you will see a big jump in sales