Gamervision reviews Ninja Gaiden 2

Veggie Jackson reports:

''Ninja Gaiden is all about action. Despite the fact that ninjas are traditionally thought of as stealthy assassins who operate unseen in the dark, the game's protagonist, Ryu Hayabusa, fights right out in the open, never giving much thought to secrecy. In fact, the entirety of the game consists of a very linear series of frenzied melee battles against hordes of insane ninja assailants and nightmarish level bosses. And there's nothing subtle about the combat. With each swing of your blade, arms, legs and even heads fly off of your opponents in an orgiastic bloodbath fit for the Kill Bill movies. Your enemies will give as good as they get, however, as even a small group of assailants can take you down quickly if you don't properly defend yourself. There's a skeleton of a plot that runs through the game, but even with gorgeous, in-engine cut scenes, you'll barely notice it. Prince of Persia-style wall-running and wall-jumping are present here as well, though they rarely provide any real challenge. For the most part, this game is about dispatching enemies efficiently and quickly while trying not to get killed.''

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