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Boomtown reviews Mass Effect PC

Derek Forrester writes:

''It's been a while since I've played a Bioware game. In fact, the last one was the stonkingly good Knights of the Old Republic, so it looked like the stars were all coming into alignment again when Harry gave me the code to download the latest space opera RPG from the Canadian developer. There really was no need to worry anyway; Mass Effect had already garnered a huge number of accolades for its release on Xbox 360 last year, so the PC version would be a case of more of the same, only better, right? Well, we'll deal with that contentious claim later, but now is a time for beginnings.

You are Shepard, blue-eyed apple pie munching star turn of the Human Alliance (note the omission of a first name, as you can play as male or female, although it has little bearing on proceedings). You're also a dab hand with special powers, pistols or really big guns, according to which of the six available character classes you decide to play as, with the usual bases of healer, support, long range DPSer and tank being covered.'' (Mass Effect, PC) 9/10

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